1600 Volunteers, 6400 Volunteer Hours

“When you take a day off for community service and you tangibly are working on something that you know exactly how it’s going to help a small child…It’s really tremendous and it’s a big part of what we are at AMD.”

Mark Papermaster, AMD Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

AMD Volunteers Austin

Austin – “Getting to the Root of Things”

Helping things grow can take on many meanings while volunteering; for our Austin employees working with local nonprofit Urban Roots, “giving back” supports not only a local farm, but the community as well. By assisting the farm staff with harvesting over 750 pounds of vegetables, our team also engaged with the Urban Roots mission of transforming the lives of young people.

AMD Volunteers - Bellevue

Bellevue – “Continuing the Fight Against Hunger”

​​Seeing the need in their local community, the Bellevue team got creative and challenged our employees to a build a wall…of mac & cheese! When fully built, this structure included over 400 pounds of this family-friendly meal, which were donated to a local food bank

AMD Volunteers - Boxborough

Boxborough – “Three Years of Fighting”

While our teams like to get off site and into the community to volunteer their time, sometimes the most productive experiences can occur right on campus. For the AMD Boston Design Center team, that meant 60 volunteers coming together to support Rise Against Hunger , boxing 15,000 meals to help feed the hungry.

“AMD is a true partner to the non-profits they serve. Through volunteerism, sponsorships, and employee giving, the AMD family supports Family Eldercare with their whole heart!”

Brittany Baize, Family Eldercare Director of Development

AMD Volunteers - Markham

Markham – “Supporting Our Community Through Its Green Spaces”

Over the past 25 years, 10,000 Trees for the Rouge has planted over 179,000 trees in the Rouge Valley. In what’s quickly becoming a tradition for our Markham site, employees participated in a spring planting day at a local park with 10,000 Trees for the Rouge. With the help of 25 AMD employees and others from the community a total of 6,000 trees were planted.

AMD Volunteers - Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale – “Putting Together the Keys to Learning”

Helping to advance STEM in local schools has long been a goal of our involvement in the community. Our Sunnyvale team has supported this endeavor by working with RAFT for over 20 years  to create hands-on learning kits for use by students from kindergarten to high school.

Beijing AMD volunteers

Beijing – “A Multifaceted Approach”

A common theme that tends to arise from AMD volunteer events is impact, or more specifically, how can we partner to more significantly improve our community around us? Via collaboration, our teams find that their work can take on even greater significance. Through a partnership with a local environmental protection foundation and a senior center, the AMD Beijing team had the opportunity to both improve the environment and beautify the community through the creation of an eco-garden. Over 30 volunteers assisted on this meaningful project.

AMD Volunteers Penang

Penang – “Building a Tower of Hope”

In support of the local community, the AMD Penang team came together to build the “Tower of Hope” constructed from packs of Milo drink to be distributed to local school children.  CFO Devinder Kumar was on hand to put the finishing touches on this magnificent structure!​

AMD Volunteers - Cyberjaya

Cyberjaya – “Community Building – Inside and Out”

One of the most impactful ways in which we can volunteer is to understand the needs of a community and work to fulfill them. In this way, a team from our Cyberjaya site gave their time to the betterment of a local village, supporting various projects from providing in kind donations, to painting a school building, working in the gardens, and educating the community on proper recycling procedures.

“I actually love participating in the Day of Service, I’m based in California so we’ve chosen to give back to schools as part of STEM programs in particular.”

Ruth Cotter, AMD Chief Human Resources Officer and Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Investor Relations​

Singapore – “All In for a Day at the Beach”

In one of the largest events in the site’s history, 221 employees from the Singapore team spent their day at Changi Beach Park, but rather than just enjoying the beautiful sights, this group got to work. When all was said and done, over 830lbs of garbage were collected, helping to make this space used by the community more enjoyable and environmentally friendly.

AMD Volunteers - Bangalore

Bangalore – “Stewards of the Environment”

The Bangalore team has always put a focus on the environment during our annual AMD Cares Day of Service, but this year they made that commitment even “closer to home” with their clean-up day around the AMD campus. More than 115 AMD employees from the Bangalore site came out to help beautify the streets and areas around AMD, providing an important service to the community in which they innovate.

Taiwan – “Clear Skies and a Clean Beach”

​Though the threat of bad weather loomed, our Taiwan team ventured out to the Taoyuan Yong-An Fish Harbor anyway to perform an important clean-up of the local beach. Over 25 bags of trash – which included everything from tires to suitcases – were collected, making an impressive impact on the environment.