Fnatic teams are powered by AMD

AMD is pleased to sponsor Fnatic, a leader in professional esports. Fnatic teams train, scrim, compete in online tournaments, and stream to their fans around the world on PCs powered by AMD Ryzen™ processors.*

SmX is Smashing it with the AMD Ryzen™ CPU

Life has been really good lately for Fnatic Heroes of the Storm’s SmX due to his AMD Ryzen™-based PC.

Powered by AMD: Fnatic League of Legends team discusses their new Ryzen™ processor-based systems

Beautiful, reliable and high performance. We talked with the Fnatic League of Legends team about their brand new Ryzen processor-powered PCs.

“We wanted to fix up the gaming house with high-performance PCs and the AMD Ryzen 7 processors have been amazing. We needed something reliable and AMD delivered.” - Rekkles – Fnatic League of Legends


“When we aren’t practicing I tend to play more demanding games. The AMD Ryzen 7 processor handles them so well.” - sOAZ – Fnatic League of Legends


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*Game performance is controlled by factors including (but not limited to) graphics card performance, network performance, I/O performance, monitor resolution, detail settings and game engine optimization. GD-119