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Serious Sam The Last Hope

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The Update 1.0 Is Live, as SSVR: The Last Hope Leaves Early Access!

A little over 11 months after being introduced to Early Access, SSVR: The Last Hope is ready for a full release, and it's even bigger, badder and better than we ever imagined.


Planet-hopping action: Three new planets – Shaanti, Valtos and Arcadia Minor. This brought the number of available planets to five, each with four unique levels and a new boss.

Tons of guns: Through each update, our team has introduced various different weapons, which got us to the point where Sam can use 17 cool alien-killing toys, including Sam's trademark weapon – minigun – as well as double barrel and regular shotguns, a laser rifle, bow, sword, cannon and a shield for good measure.

Mad skills and Power-Ups: With the recent Skills and Power-Ups update Sam got a chance to unlock 36 powerups and 190 weapon upgrades during his adventures.

Randomly generated gameplay: With the epic final update, The Last Hope introduces randomly generated gameplay, which is available on five existing and three new levels. This new gameplay option is split into three different modes – Arena, Endless Wave and Daily Challenge.

Tons of enemies: Fight off random waves of enemies that ensure every playthrough is completely different, and challenge yourself in 8 arenas consisting of 4 waves and 20 difficulty settings in the chaotic Arena mode.

New Game Modes: Face waves upon waves of enemies, trying to stay alive as long as possible in the Endless Wave mode, or try your luck at the Daily Challenge mode, facing the same challenges as other players around the world on the arena map of the day. 

Sam is not alone: Finally, thanks to the co-op update Sam got a chance to call for help and play through any level with a partner, and with the update 1.0 players will be able to play with either Serious Sam or Serious Sammy, with more characters to come post-release.



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