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Strap into one of dozens of ships and embark on a life within the Star Citizen universe. Unbound by profession or skill sets, you choose the path of your own life.

Becoming a part of Star Citizen now not only gives you the game when it's complete, but offers you a unique experience unlike any other game in the past. The Star Citizen website features daily updates; including project discussions, concept art, fiction, and contact with the development team themselves.

Become a backer and have your voice heard with a level of access unprecedented in the history of games. Help the developers build the game we all want to play.

Ships in the Star Citizen universe aren't just pretty shapes, they are fully functioning vehicles with hundreds of components, many of which move and articulate as you imagine they would on a real spaceship.

Because of this, the ships of Star Citizen are designed to do more than just look cool, they’re designed to actually think about how the parts of the ship fit together, how they move. If a missile pod or weapon folds into the fuselage they have to make sure there is room for it. They have to worry about the ergonomics of the cockpit, or living quarters inside a bigger ship, how a gantry or a ladder folds out to allow the pilot to climb in, how a door or canopy cantilevers out.

In short they have to do industrial design and engineering as much as aesthetic design. This attention to detail extends to things like the engines, the various ship systems; avionics, life support, the various modular upgrade and the weapons.


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