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Radeon Pro enables innovation to SOLIDWORKS users 

Solidworks guide 2019

Guide: SOLIDWORKS 2019 Visualization

Download your free copy and discover the latest range of visualization tools and the recommended workstation requirements needed for the task at hand.

This 12-page guide looks at a range of technologies to maximize user productivity, collaborate and review in SW19. Discover ways to export datasets into VR or render high quality visuals. Learn about the benefits of VDI deployments for SW users or how to boost the performance of mobile workstations with external GPUs.

The latest AMD Radeon Pro professional graphics were designed for advanced SOLIDWORKS® workflows, leveraging the latest technology advancements to help drive greater productivity and collaboration. Optimized and certified for SOLIDWORKS 2019, AMD Radeon Pro professional graphics cards provide a powerful and stable platform for advanced visualization and simulation workflows. 

Solidworks screenshot

RealView Switched on in Viewport

Radeon ProRender  motorcycle

Rendered with Radeon ProRender Plug-in

Solidworks screenshot

VR via Game Engine Importer for Unreal Engine

Meet the Team at SOLIDWORKS 2019

AMD is excited to be a key sponsor at this year’s SOLIDWORKS World. This will be a great opportunity to experience the latest technology demos and discuss your needs with our technical team. Learn more about AMDs GPU and CPU solutions and how they can meet your business needs.

If you would like to book an appointment with our team, please click here.

Solidworks 2019 and AMD RadeonPro

Productivity Redefined with SOLIDWORKS 2019

Read about the latest insights and updates from AMD with the introduction of SOLIDWORKS 2019

Solidworks 2019 and AMD RadeonPro

Spotlight: Testing SW19 OpenGL 4.5

Read the results from Javelin’s testing of the beta Performance Pipeline accelerated graphics performance in SW19 when working with large assemblies.

Solidworks airplane buckle

Radeon ProRender add-in for SOLIDWORKS

Create fast and easy photorealistic renders straight from the SW viewport with the free Radeon ProRender plug-in.  


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