Enabling Great Gaming Everywhere

With AMD cloud-optimized datacenter GPUs

A passion for gaming is woven into the fabric of AMD and our vision for gaming is years ahead of the pack. That is why top console, PC, and cloud providers, as well as leading game studios, rely on AMD innovations.

Make Every Game Experience AAA

AMD already powers cloud solutions for servers, consumers, and custom applications. As AAA gaming now moves to the cloud, our foresight, technologies, and unwavering dedication to open standards help ensure that developers have the tools, technologies, and know-how needed to provide every gamer with incredible experiences delivered to the devices of their choosing, anytime, anywhere.

AMD has been delivering solutions for the cloud for years. That is why AMD is ready today to support partners with scalable solutions that power stunning gaming experiences direct from the cloud, from mind-blowing AAA titles to the next casual obsession.

Partnership - Not a Word. A Commitment.

Through AMD technology, partners and customers gain access to powerful, forward-looking graphics architectures compatible with open-standard, advanced computing APIs. And that is just a start. AMD is a collaborator who actively crush barriers to help turn innovative ideas efficiently into marketable realities. We assist our valued partners to realize proof of concepts, overcome technical challenges, and achieve the highest standards for excellence. AMD can also bring to bear significant engineering resources, logistics support, and infrastructure that scale to support demanding project requirements.  

That commitment is why AMD is sought out by industry leaders, AAA developers, and emerging innovators as they all endeavor to shatter boundaries with their cloud gaming initiatives.


Complete Cloud Gaming Solutions

One size cannot fit all when it comes to cloud gaming. AMD cloud gaming solutions are the product of unique deep experience in optimizing the critical interplay between hardware and software frameworks. We meet the demand for ultra low-latency and brilliant quality with our latest generation datacenter-class, high-performance GPUs. AMD also provides the only hardware-based GPU virtualization solution. That means fast and predictable performance with enhanced security features that address the unique requirements of the large-scale data centers where cloud-based gaming lives. 

Ultimately an AMD cloud gaming solution is an exclusive blend of cross-platform hardware and software frameworks, mature APIs, robust OS compatibility, and performance enhancements. The result is high performing, predictable, manageable, and scalable gaming experiences for your customers. 

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Game Developers Make the Difference

An innovative game platform is nothing without fantastic games. AMD helps ensure that developers have extensive resources for bringing their gaming ideas to life. Dedicated tools like Radeon™ GPU Profiler deliver the detailed insights needed to accelerate cloud game development and optimize game performance for next-gen APIs such as DirectX® 12 and Vulkan®. 

AMD’s strong commitment to open standards is reflected in GPUOpen, a deep, easily available resource built for developers and stocked with effective open development software and tools to help maximize performance. AMD also offers extensive resources for training, technical insights, optimization guidance, and much more. The AMD support team is stand ready to help developers achieve their objectives.

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