MAXON Cinema 4D™

First Commercial 3D Application with Integrated GPU Path-Tracing Renderer

Based on the OpenCL open standard.

With the integration of Radeon™ ProRender, Cinema 4D is the first commercial 3D application with an integrated GPU path-tracing renderer based on the OpenCL open standard.

AMD developed Radeon™ ProRender as a modern uni-directional pathtracing renderer, which provides unbiased rendering, and features GPU acceleration. Being based on OpenCL™, it allows users to render on graphics cards produced by different manufacturers. This flexibility was one of the reasons for AMD and MAXON teaming up and integrating Radeon™ ProRender natively into Cinema 4D Release 19.

For Cinema 4D users who already create materials completely reflectance-based, there will be no difference regarding workflow, so they can immediately benefit from the huge speed boosts Radeon™ ProRender enables in render time.

Using Radeon™ ProRender in Cinema 4D

MAXON Cinema 4D™ + Radeon ProRender

1. Starting Radeon™ ProRender

After choosing Radeon™ ProRender from the render settings of Cinema 4D you can activate the interactive preview directly in the viewport. Use the Min Resolution parameter to undersample the preview in the beginning of the rendering, in order to increase interactivity while editing, keep in mind that you need to increase the ray depth if your scene contains glass materials.

MAXON Cinema 4D™ + Radeon ProRender

2. Lighting

It’s common to light a scene and make clay renderings before adjusting materials. This enables you to see the distribution and mood of light in your scene. Lighting with an HDRI leads to instant photorealistic results. And you can improve the look by using additional sources. Keep in mind that the size of the light source will affect its intensity in a PBR workflow. The bigger, the brighter.

MAXON Cinema 4D™ + Radeon ProRender

3. Materials

It is important to stick to the physically-based workflow. That is the reason for a new reflectance-based material inside of Cinema 4D Release 19. The color channel is replaced by a 100% rough Lambertion, or Oren-Nayar diffuse reflection, as the base layer. Always use a value of 1-3% as a minimum for roughness in reflectance layers, as there are no perfect reflections in reality.

MAXON Cinema 4D™ + Radeon ProRender

4. Depth of Field

Adding depth of field is just one click in the render settings. If the whole image is getting blurry, adjust the Focal Distance parameter in the camera by adding a focus object to the scene. As in the real world, the strength of DOF is controlled by the F-stop setting in the camera, but also by the distance between camera and object, so always work in real world scales!

MAXON Cinema 4D™ + Radeon ProRender

5. Tone Mapping

Tone Mapping is an essential effect when it comes to rendering Global Illumination images. Activate it in Cinema 4D’s render settings by choosing Tone Mapping from the Effects dropdown. Now you can choose from different algorithms and correct colors based on exposure, ISO, F-stop, gamma and many more.

MAXON Cinema 4D™ + Radeon ProRender

6. Final Touches & Offline Rendering

For final touches switch the Radeon™ ProRender viewport quality from preview to offline. This can raise the quality, but may also result in longer render times. Play with the firefly filter threshold to get rid of hot pixels, common to pathtracers. For the final rendering, just click Render to Picture Viewer. Enable bucket rendering if you want to render high resolution images that won’t fit into the vRAM.

Quick Specs Radeon™ Pro WX 9100 Radeon™ Pro WX 8200 Radeon™ Pro Duo
GPU Architecture “Vega” “Vega” “Polaris”
Single Precision Compute Performance (Peak) 12.29 TFLOPS 10.75 TFLOPS 11.45 TFLOPS
Memory 16GB HBC 8GB HBC 32GB GDDR5 (16GB x2)
Memory Bandwidth 484 GB/s 512 GB/s 448 GB/s (224 x2)
Display Outputs 6 Mini-DisplayPort™ 1.4/HDR Ready outputs 4x Mini-DisplayPort™ 1.4/HDR Ready outputs 3 DisplayPort™ 1.4/HDR Ready outputs, 1 HDMI™ 2.0 output

Radeon™ ProRender is a powerful and versatile new ray tracer, based on OpenCL™. It is designed to unleash the full power of multiple GPUs and even uses CPUs as a fallback. This flexibility led MAXON to integrate Radeon™ ProRender natively into the next generation of their award-winning 3D solution Cinema 4D.

Radeon WX 9100

The Radeon™ Pro WX 9100 graphics card, based on AMD’s new “Vega” architecture with 16GB of high bandwidth memory, is the perfect partner for Radeon™ ProRender in Cinema 4D. Add more Radeon™ Pro WX 9100 cards to your system for additional performance.

Radeon WX 8200

The AMD Radeon™ Pro WX 8200 workstation graphics  allows Real-time visualization, virtual reality, and photo-realistic rendering and highly complex workloads. 

Radeon Pro Duo

The Radeon™ Pro Duo graphics card, with two “Polaris” based GPUs on board and 32GB of GDDR5 memory (16GB per GPU) is a great alternative for those looking for a cost-effective, high performance card for Cinema 4D.

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MAXON Cinema 4D™ + Radeon ProRender

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