Radeon™ Pro graphics delivered from the cloud.

Radeon™ Pro MxGPU (multiuser GPU) technology gives cloud services providers the ability to offer virtualized GPUs in their cloud environments. The AMD virtualized, or shared, GPUs deliver security and low cost cloud-based instances that allow our cloud partners to flexibly scale their GPU-based environments.

Our Technology

The technology behind the AMD GPUs for virtualization is called MxGPU (Multi-user GPU) enabling the industry’s first hardware-based virtualized GPU. AMD’s MxGPU is designed around an embedded virtualization engine, based on a PCI Express® standard called SR-IOV. This engine allows the sharing of GPU resources across multiple users and enables the predictable performance IT managers require and end users appreciate.

MxGPU is a simple approach to the tough GPU virtualization problem. Since virtualization functionality is built directly into silicon, only a small host driver is needed for the hypervisor. Cloud service providers embrace this approach as one that can make GPU virtualization simpler and accessible to more users.

Amazon AppStream 2.0 logo

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has chosen AMD Radeon™ Pro MxGPU (multiuser GPU) technology for their new Graphics Design instance type on Amazon AppStream 2.0. Amazon AppStream 2.0 is a fully managed, secure application streaming service that allows you to stream desktop applications from AWS to any device running a web browser, without rewriting them.

The new Graphics Design instance type runs on the AMD FirePro™ S7150x2 GPU, the virtualized graphics workhorse of our Radeon™ Pro graphics products.2 With Graphics Design instances, users can run graphics-accelerated applications at a fraction of the cost of using graphics workstations and can lower the cost of streaming a graphics app on AppStream 2.0 by up to 50%1. These instances are ideal for delivering applications that rely on the hardware acceleration of DirectX®, OpenGL® or OpenCL™, such as Adobe® Premiere® Pro, Autodesk® Revit® or Siemens NX™ software.

To find out more about AMD powered Amazon AppStream 2.0 visit: https://aws.amazon.com/appstream2/.

AMD Radeon™ Pro GPU Benefits

Benefits for running applications from the cloud powered by AMD Radeon™ Pro GPUs.


As the datasets used by today’s designers and engineers get larger, they also get more valuable. Keeping this valuable IP on local PC and workstations can leave companies exposed to hacks, theft and compromise. Cloud delivered apps and workstations address this.


When apps and datasets are cloud delivered, designers and engineers work on them without bringing them local or into a file share. Collaboration is more dynamic and enables a follow-the-sun, 24/7 efficiency.

Staffing Flexibility

The modern organization is more dynamic and project-based. Companies add and subtract contract and permanent resources rapidly. Delivering app and desktop computing from the cloud, lets companies scale up and down as needed, cost effectively and with no geographical boundaries.

Performance Scaling

3D applications are deployed and rendered on the cloud infrastructure and the output is streamed to a desktop browser. Because the application is running in the cloud, it can scale to handle vast computational and storage needs, regardless of the devices to which the applications are streamed.

Reaching More users on More Devices

By leveraging the power of Radeon™ Pro MxGPU technology, application providers can deliver experiences that wouldn’t normally be possible due to the less capable graphics of local devices.

GPU Heavy Lifting is Done by AMD Radeon™ Pro Graphics Technology

Applications are delivered by a GPU purpose-built to deliver workstation-class graphics performance from the cloud. Using Radeon™ Pro graphics drivers, application developers can be confident their application streamed from the cloud can run with the performance they require and the experience users expect.

Responsive, High Definition, Workstation Class GPU

When implemented in cloud, applications are delivered with the familiar responsive, high definition experience a user would get from a deskside workstation.

Fast-track Enterprise IT Productivity

Enterprises can enable employees to use resource-hungry Windows® applications without having to purchase new hardware. Companies concerned about CAPEX budgets can get the performance they need without the equipment expense outlay.


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  2. Radeon™ Pro graphics include professional graphics products such as Radeon™ Pro WX Series, Radeon™ Pro SSG, Radeon™ Pro Duo as well as legacy product solutions such as AMD FirePro, ATI FirePro, ATI FireMV, ATI FireGL and ATIFireStream. Learn more at http://www.amd.com/en-us/products/graphics/workstation/radeon-pro