vmware mxGPU

Enable Virtual Desktops Using VMware and AMD’s Hardware-based MxGPU Technology

With AMD MxGPU technology’s integration into VMware vSphere®, IT managers can scale resources by creating virtual desktops and workstations with enhanced graphics capabilities. This GPU virtualization technology provides exceptional economies of scale, robust security features, and is close to the metal performance. An intuitive user interface simplifies the setup task for system administrators. The new Radeon™ Pro Settings plugin for VMware vCenter® allows for the management of physical GPUs at the host, datacenter and cluster levels. Whether the graphical needs of the users are minimal or significant, MxGPU technology allows the flexibility to rapidly set up, deploy and assign virtual GPUs to virtual machines. These virtual GPUs in turn transform the virtual machines into virtual workstations capable of powering the user’s most graphics intense applications.

Install and Manage GPUs in the Datacenter with an Easy to Use GUI

The new Radeon™ Pro Settings, based on HTML5, plugs into VMware vCenter®, simplifying the setup and management of virtual GPUs created by MxGPU technology. Embedded in the GUI are finer controls that allow the assignment of virtual GPUs at the server level and coarser controls that apply settings at the datacenter level. Once installed, Radeon™ Pro Settings oversees all MxGPU technology capable GPUs in the datacenter managed by vCenter.


VMware screen


VMware’s ESXi hypervisor is the basic building block for a suite of tools that enable the user to create a complete virtual desktop environment and manage that environment. ESXi, like all hypervisors, is an OS that allows other OSes to operate on top of it through virtual machines. GPUs, more specifically, virtualized GPUs allow the sharing of graphics resources across these self-contained virtual machines.

AMD’ server graphics products that support MxGPU are certified in VMware’s ESXi as Shared Passthru graphics devices. As part of the certification process, the host driver (vib) runs through VMware’s suite of tests designed to exercise basic and complex GPU operations. is a purpose-built bare-metal hypervisor that installs directly onto a physical server. Certified GPUs are listed on VMware’s hardware compatibility page. ESXi 6.0 and 6.5 are the latest hypervisor versions supported.

Horizon View is much more than a client application delivering virtual desktops to the end user. Through its Composer feature, Horizon View gives administrators the ability to create desktop pools that can be assigned to individual or a group of users. Horizon View is optimized for MxGPU through its direct access to the GPU’s resources. In turn, MxGPU technology also supports Horizon View features such as composer. Currently, MxGPU technology supports Horizon View 7.x.

Guest OS Support

Microsoft Windows® 10 (64-bit RS3)

Microsoft Windows® 7 (64-bit)

Microsoft Server® 2016 (64-bit)

Microsoft Server® 2008 R2 (64-bit)

API Support

OpenGL® 4.5

OpenCL® 2.0

DirectX® 12