Responsive, Reliable Computing for Everyday Users.

Athlon™ Processors with Radeon™ Vega Graphics

The New AMD Athlon™ Processor with Radeon™ Vega Graphics

Advanced AMD Processing and Graphics Technologies for Everyday Users.

The most advanced entry-level processor AMD has ever created, for users who value fast responsiveness and built-in Radeon™ Vega Graphics, with the cutting-edge processor architecture you need to take advantage of graphics card upgrades.

Surf the internet smoothly, stream videos without a hiccup, and play the most popular eSports games in high-definition 720p.

  • 4 processing threads
  • Advanced AMD Radeon™ Vega Graphics included for 720p esports gaming out-of-the-box
  • Cutting-edge ‘Zen’ processor architecture has the power you need to harness the power of graphics card upgrades for HD+ 1080p Gaming
Gaming with 7th Gen A-Series

Designed for Online Gaming

Integrated Radeon™ graphics can provide smooth eSports gaming at 720p HD without a graphics card. It’s also compatible with FreeSync™ monitors to eliminate tearing.

Overclocking with A-Series and Athlon Processor

Responsive, Reliable Performance

From game consoles to airplanes and Sony to HP, the world’s top products and companies depend on advanced AMD computing solutions.

AMD Ryzen

A Future-Ready Platform

The advanced socket AM4 platform is ready for Ryzen™ processors, and designed for the demands of tomorrow.1

Model Specifications

Athlon A Series PIB

AMD A-Series with Radeon™ Graphics Desktop Processors

For Entry-Level users who value crisp, reliable performance out-of-the-box, with built-in Radeon™ graphics so you don’t need a discrete graphics card.

AMD provides A-Series 9000-model processors for advanced Socket AM4 motherboards with DDR4 memory support, and A-Series 7000-model processors for legacy Socket FM2+ motherboards with low-cost DDR3 memory support, so you can pick the right processor for your needs.

  • 2 to 4 processing threads
  • AMD Radeon™ R5 to Radeon R7 Graphics included for casual esports gaming out-of-the-box

Model Specifications

A Athlon PIB

AMD Athlon™ X4 Desktop Processors

For Entry-Level Users those who want a crisp, reliable, cost effective quad-core processor with no integrated graphics, to support a discrete graphics card.

AMD Athlon™ X4 processors provide the quad-core flexibility you need to support modern graphics cards – whether you’re an everyday PC user, or a dedicated high-definition gamer. (Discrete Graphics Card Required)

AMD provides Athlon™ X4 900-model processors for advanced Socket AM4 motherboards with DDR4 memory support, and A-Series 800-model processors for legacy Socket FM2+ motherboards with low-cost DDR3 memory support, so you can pick the right processor for your needs.

  • 4 processing threads
  • Graphics Not Included

NOTE: Discrete Graphics Card Required

Model Specifications

  1. Statement of “future-proof” refers to support of current and upcoming technology standards including 14nm FinFET process technology, DirectX®12 and Vulkan™ API support, new I/O technology including DDR4, USB 3.1 Gen 2, and NVMe, and experiences such as VR. “Future-proof” statement is not meant to serve as a warranty or indicate that users will never have to upgrade their graphics technology again. Support of current and upcoming technology standards described above has the potential to reduce frequency of CPU upgrades for some users. GD-104