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AMD Embedded solutions provide the eye-catching graphics and enable the rewarding experiences of next-gen gaming, from touch screens to 3D graphics to multi-display, scalable, and fully integrated solutions that push past HD to 4K1 -- all enabled by development tools designed to speed time to market, enable high-performance and low-power use, and provide easy content management.

AMD’s embedded family of accelerated processing units (APUs), systems on a chip (SoCs) and discrete GPUs deliver the next generation of casino gaming.

Customer Testimonials


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V-Series: Taking your high end gaming platforms to the next level

  • Market leading Power/Performance
  • Integrated solution providing "Zen" and "Vega" architectures in a single device to enable low power and small form factors
  • Leading Edge of HW security keeping data safe everywhere in the system
  • Discrete GPU levels of gaming and multimedia performance in an APU
  • Scalable solutions from 12W to 54W 
  • Support for up to 4 displays at 4K resolution
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R-Series: Ideal for Casino Slot Machines and Skilled based gaming

  • Breakthrough Power/Performance
  • Power Efficiency and Compact Form Factors
  • Advanced Security
  • 4K Multimedia Performance1
  • Scalable Solutions from 12W-35W
  • High end 3D Performance with up to 11 CUs2
  • Multi Display support up to 4 screens
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G-Series: Ideal for Retail Lottery, AWP and Player Trackers

  • Breakthrough Power/Performance
  • Power Efficiency and Compact Form Factors
  • Advanced Security
  • Scalable Solutions from <5W to 15W
  • 3D performance with up to 6 CUs2
  • Cinematic visual quality for multi HD video playback
  • Multi Display support up to 2 screens
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dGPU: Ideal for High end Casino Slot Machines, Skill Based Gaming and Arcade

  • 4K Multimedia Performance for high end 3D or video 4K acceleration1
  • Multi-display Immersion with up to 6 screens
  • Very high end 3D acceleration with up to 36 CUs2
  • Cinematic Visual Quality for >4 times HD video playback
  • Scalable options from <20W to 95W
  • Dedicated graphics memory from 2GB to 8GB per device
  • Different form factor for large or small form factors with MCM, MXM and PCIe® options

Target Applications

Digital Casino Gaming

The need to deliver engaging, theme-based entertainment presented on multiple large, touch-screen 4K displays, with vibrant 3D graphics, is increasing in importance for digital slot machines, poker machines, roulette and blackjack.

Amusement with Prize (AWP)

Besides high-end graphics, these machines require easy manageability and high levels of security because of their often remote locations.

Skill Based Gaming

These interactive and engaging systems are attracting the next-generation of gamers and gamblers who have come to expect high-quality 3D play while putting their skills to the test.

Pachinko/Pachislot Systems

These systems are mostly unique to Japan, but are immensely popular and require reliable, low-power solutions that can still provide engaging graphics displays.

Video/ Lottery Terminals (VLT)

VLTs need to be low-cost and low power, yet reliable and able to provide a high level of graphics output.

Arcade/ Panyu Gaming

Arcade gaming machines now typically involve immersive, high-performance 4K and 3D graphics, surround sound and mechanical/tactile feedback.

Embedded Board Partner Catalog

  1. Requires 4K display and content
  2. Discrete AMD Radeon™ and FirePro™ GPUs based on the Graphics Core Next architecture consist of multiple discrete execution engines known as a Compute Unit (“CU”). Each CU contains 64 shaders (“Stream Processors”) working together.  GD-78

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