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Discover why AMD has an extensive history of leadership in the thin client market. Our solutions are designed to enable you to create a new generation of thin client devices that help reduce operating costs and power consumption, while lasting longer and providing utterly enjoyable user experiences.

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AMD Ryzen Embedded V-Series

The highest processing performance in the AMD Embedded portfolio, blending "Zen" CPU and "Vega" GPU architectures to power the most demanding thin client applications.

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AMD Embedded R-Series

Increased CPU and GPU performance to power systems needing that uplift in performance but still at a more optimized cost point.

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AMD Embedded G-Series

Optimized performance-per-watt and cutting-edge multimedia capabilities for mainstream thin client use-cases.

Key Benefits

Fast, Flexible Access

Thin clients provide users with secure, credential-verified access to data and applications in the cloud, regardless of the system they’re using – ideal for environments where users share multiple systems.

Ease of Management

Centralized, cloud-based data storage and administration precludes the need to configure, manage and backup individual PCs – cumbersome processes that consume valuable IT resources.

Energy Efficiency

Thin clients can be more energy efficient than desktops due to lower system power footprints, conserving energy at the device level which then ripples throughout the facility infrastructure. Low power consumption with thermals as low as 4.5W for a single CPU core and 6.4W for dual CPU cores.

Security and Protection

With thin clients, all data is stored and protected in the cloud, helping minimize the risk of data loss and/or malicious data tampering and theft at the device level.

Regulatory Compliance

Thin clients are inherently easier than PCs to configure and update as regulatory mandates evolve – patches and updates are applied directly to the cloud infrastructure, and automatically propagated to virtual desktops in the centralized data center.


Thin clients can eliminate the need for onboard fans and hard disk drives, thereby minimizing moving parts that can fail and cause additional maintenance costs – industry reports state that on average, thin clients can last 2-3X longer than conventional desktop PCs*.

Ease of Deployment

Simplified, remotely-administered configuration and set up makes thin client deployment virtually effortless, and their compact form factors enable a wide range of configurations in space-constrained environments.

Sophisticated Displays

Full 4K UHD support for unparalleled video and graphics quality, with hardware accelerated video decode for H.265, VC-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 Part 2, and DivX, with support for multiple video streams. Multi-display configurability, supporting up to four independent displays in formats including DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI™, DVI and LVDS.

Other Advantages

  • x86 ecosystem compatibility, with broad software support spanning VMware, Citrix, Windows®, Linux® and others.
  • Pin and software stack compatibility among select AMD Embedded processors enable portfolio scalability from entry-level to high-end thin client offerings.


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Thin Client Solutions for Various Industries

Thin Clients are ideal for a range of industry use-cases in healthcare, finance, government, retail, education and many others.

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Total Savings Estimator

Estimate your total running costs and potential energy savings with AMD powered thin clients.

Citrix Optimization for Linux by AMD

AMD has worked closely with Citrix to optimize the Linux-based Thin Client end-user experience for multimedia content. This is especially important for use-cases where end users want to play videos or participate in video-conferencing, while also multi-tasking and taking full advantage of the performance available in their AMD-based Thin Client systems.

By enabling multimedia redirection on AMD-based Thin Clients, this Linux plugin re-directs the H.264 content to the AMD integrated GPU, thereby freeing up CPU resources for additional activities. This not only improves the frame rate performance of the multimedia, which improves the end-user’s experience, but also reduces CPU utilization, allowing the end-user to do much more with the same system.


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