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AMD EPYC™ 2-Socket Solutions

Balanced Architecture For Optimum Performance

With up to 64 cores, 4 TB of memory, and 128 lanes of PCIe® connectivity, 2-socket servers built with the AMD EPYC™ SoC have the flexibility, performance, and security to efficiently support the most demanding workloads.

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Database Management and Analytics

With massive amounts of memory capacity and bandwidth, you can chew through mountains of information quickly turning data into intelligence.

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Private/Hybrid Cloud Environments

Even private clouds raise security concerns. AMD leading-edge security solutions enables the security of your cloud environment.

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Virtualized Infrastructure

Whatever your virtualized workloads, you can get more VMs or more robustly configure your current number of VMs.

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Channel Partners

Create a system with the right EPYC components

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Shop for OEM Platforms

Purchase a new EPYC 7000 Series-powered platform from an AMD partner.

Model Specifications

  1. AMD EPYC processor supports up to 21.3 GB/s per channel with DDR4-2666 x 8 channels (total 170.7 GB/s), versus the Xeon E5-2699A v4 processor at 19.2 GB/s with max DDR4-2400 x 4 channels (total 76.8 GB/s). NAP-03
  2. AMD EPYC™ processor offers up to 128 PCI Express high speed I/O lanes per socket, versus the Xeon E5-2699A v4 processor at 40 lanes per socket. NAP-05
  3. AMD EPYC processor includes up to 32 CPU cores versus the Xeon E5-2699A v4 processor with 22 CPU cores. NAP-02