AMD Freesync technology

Radeon™ FreeSync Technology

No stuttering. No tearing. Just gaming.

Radeon Software

Radeon™ Software

Artfully Designed. Meticulously Crafted. Incredibly Intuitive.

Radeon ReLive

Radeon™ ReLive

Capture, stream and share your greatest moments

AMD Radeon Chill

Radeon™ Chill

Gameplay adaptive power saving

AMD Radeon WattMan

Radeon™ WattMan

AMD's new groundbreaking power management utility

Radeon Overlay

AMD Radeon™ Overlay

The all-new Radeon Overlay lets gamers take performance to the next level with the ability to monitor, record and fine tune their gameplay without ever leaving the game.

Radeon Pro Settings

AMD Radeon™ Pro Settings

Radeon™ Pro Settings is the user interface designed for Radeon™ Pro graphics, providing users with the access to numerous innovative features.

Radeon Enhanced Sync

AMD Enhanced Sync Technology

Now available for games based on DirectX® 9, 11, 12 and Vulkan® APIs as well as on all GCN-based GPUs, GCN-based GPU combinations, and/or AMD Eyefinity Technology display combinations.

Frame Rate Target Control

A new feature enabling users to set a target maximum frame rate

Virtual Super Resolution

Get quality that rivals up to 4K even on a 1080p display

Multi-Display Eyefinity Technology |

AMD Eyefinity Technology (Gaming)

See More. Do More.

AMD Crossfire™ Technology |

AMD CrossFire™ Technology

Harness the power of multiple GPUs

Overclocking with A-Series and Athlon Processor

AMD OverDrive™

Automatic overclocking for novices and customized performance for the enthusiast

Tomb Raider TressFX

TressFX Hair

The world's first real-time hair physics system

Radeon Memory Gamer Series

AMP Technology

Get the most out of your AMD memory with AMD Memory Profile Technology

Vulkan logo

The Vulkan® API

Offering powerful OS compatibility, rendering features, and hardware efficiency

Radeon RX 580

DirectX® 12 Technology

Taking your game to a whole new level

Xdoc Xconnect

AMD XConnect™ Technology

Plug In and Game On