AMD Freesync technology

Radeon™ FreeSync Technology

No stuttering. No tearing. Just gaming.

Radeon Software

Radeon™ Software

Artfully Designed. Meticulously Crafted. Incredibly Intuitive.

Radeon Pro Software Adrenalin Edition

Radeon™ Pro Software

AMD'​s powerful and reliable professional-grade graphics software designed to unleash your creativity.

Radeon ReLive

Radeon™ ReLive

Capture, stream and share your greatest moments

AMD Radeon WattMan

Radeon™ WattMan

AMD's new groundbreaking power management utility

AMD Radeon Chill

Radeon™ Chill

Gameplay adaptive power saving

Radeon Overlay

AMD Radeon™ Overlay

The all-new Radeon Overlay lets gamers take performance to the next level with the ability to monitor, record and fine tune their gameplay without ever leaving the game.

Radeon Rays

Radeon™ Rays

Designed for Stunning Photorealism Radeon™ Rays is a high efficiency, high performance GPU accelerated ray tracing software.

Frame Rate Target Control

A new feature enabling users to set a target maximum frame rate

RadeonPro Technologies

Radeon™ Pro Technologies

Transforming the way you do business

Radeon Pro ProRender

Radeon™ ProRender

Create stunningly photorealistic images.

Radeon Enhanced Sync

AMD Enhanced Sync Technology

Now available for games based on DirectX® 9, 11, 12 and Vulkan® APIs as well as on all GCN-based GPUs, GCN-based GPU combinations, and/or AMD Eyefinity Technology display combinations.


AMD and Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a paradigm shift that fundamentally revolutionizes the way consumers and businesses transmit, process and secure data.

ROCm logo

ROCm Open eCosystem

The ROCm Open eCosystem brings a rich foundation to advanced computing by seamlessly integrating the CPU and GPU with the goal of solving real-world problem


Enabling developers with open development tools and software.

VR Ready Creator logo and image

Radeon™ VR Ready Creator

Empowering VR content creators with amazingly powerful and capable development tools.

Radeon VR Ready Premium

Radeon™ VR Ready Premium

Escape into lifelike realms of virtual reality experiences with Radeon VR Ready Premium solutions.

AMD LiquidVR™ Technology

AMD LiquidVR™ Technology

Reality. Reimagined.

Virtual Super Resolution

Get quality that rivals up to 4K even on a 1080p display

High Bandwidth Memory

Reinventing Memory Technology

AMD Virtualization


Pure. Virtualized. Graphics.

Cloud Optimization


Increase Your Data Center Efficiency with AMD Virtualization

AMD Crossfire™ Technology |

AMD CrossFire™ Technology

Harness the power of multiple GPUs

Radeon™ Pro Duo Card

AMD Radeon™ Dual Graphics

Divide. Accelerate. Create.

AMD Eyefinity Technology

AMD Eyefinity Technology (Professionals)

Improve productivity with AMD Eyefinity multidisplay technology.

AMD Wireless Display

From the small screen to the big screen in a flash

A Series Chip

AMD Compute Cores

AMD enables CPU and GPU cores to work together on a single APU chip

"Polaris" Architecture

The Best of PC Gaming in a Single Chip

GCN architecture

Graphics Core Next Architecture

Enabling astonishing performance and breathtaking image quality

AMD Perfect Picture Technology

AMD Perfect Picture With Steady Video Technology

Take your videos to new heights with smoother, higher-quality output