Enduro Technology

Efficiency without the sacrifice

It used to be that mobility meant sacrifice. Moving from a desktop to smaller, lighter devices required a drastic downsize in performance, or in battery life or both.

With AMD’s innovations in power technology, you don’t have to compromise anymore. AMD FirePro™ and AMD Radeon™ graphics are taking the limitations out of your mobile and small form factor PC computing experience with intelligent power technologies that give you the best of both worlds: performance when you need it and power savings when you don’t.

AMD Enduro™ technology¹

AMD Enduro technology is a collection of intelligent features designed to significantly save power.

AMD Enduro™ technology switchable graphics mode

Optimizes your notebook to give you an instant boost in graphics performance when you need it, consuming virtually zero watts of power when you don’t. Get the most performance out of your battery using AMD FirePro™ or AMD Radeon™ graphics.1,2

Key Benefits:

  • Seamlessly switch between your APU or integrated graphics and your AMD FirePro™ or AMD Radeon™ graphics based on graphics workload to allow you to get longer battery life and outstanding performance.
  • Intelligent implementation in AMD Catalyst™ drivers allow the system to find the best graphics option for your needs or enables you to configure it yourself for the best performance possible.

AMD ZeroCore Power technology²

Allows your AMD FirePro™ or AMD Radeon™ GPU to consume virtually no power when in idle state. It also controls additional GPUs in AMD CrossFire™ technology mode to consume less when it is not in use.

Key Benefits:

  • Greater idle power reduction shutting down the GPU
  • Core GPU functional blocks consume 0W while the rest of the PC remains in long idle state

AMD PowerTune technology²

Intelligently monitors and manages the power draw of your AMD FirePro™ or AMD Radeon™ GPU to enable higher clock speeds, which provides improved performance.

Key Benefits:

  • Offers built in GPU power sensing for improved headroom and performance based on thermal requirements of system
  • Adjusts GPU power based on application performance, giving you the performance you require for light 3D/Video applications, and maximizes performance in 3D Gaming and compute applications
  1. AMD Enduro™ technology automatically turns off the AMD FirePro™ or AMD Radeon™ discrete GPU for non-intensive applications to help maximize battery life for more time unplugged, and requires either an AMD A-Series APU or an Intel processor, plus an AMD FirePro™ discrete graphics card and is available on Windows® 7 and Windows 8 Standard and Professional editions. Linux OS supports manual switching which requires restart of X-Server to switch between graphics solutions. With AMD Enduro™ technology, full enablement of all discrete graphics video and display features may not be supported on all systems (e.g. OpenGL applications will run on the integrated GPU or the APU as the case may be). Always check with your system manufacturer for specific mode capabilities and supported technologies.
  2. AMD PowerTune and AMD ZeroCore Power are technologies offered by certain AMD FirePro™ and Radeon™ products, which are designed to intelligently manage GPU power consumption in response to certain GPU load conditions. Not all products feature all technologies – check with your component or system manufacturer for specific model capabilities.