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AMD Radeon™ Advisors

A trio of user-friendly advisors.

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Radeon™ Game Advisor

Provides game settings guidance for a personalized & improved experience

Radeon™ Game Advisor measures game performance and generates a detailed report, which suggests ways to improve performance or increase image quality.

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Radeon™ Settings Advisor

Introduces Radeon Settings to entry-level users

Radeon™ Settings Advisor Scans your system's capabilities and suggests settings to optimize, allowing settings adjustments in just a few clicks.

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Upgrade Advisor

Analyzes your PC for minimum and recommended game compatibility* 

Tells you whether your system meets the minimum and recommended hardware specifications for your games—and offers suggestions for hardware upgrades if needed. 

Radeon Advisors

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* Compatible with AMD Radeon™ GCN dGPU Products. Supports: Windows® 7/10, available for Steam® purchased titles