What is AMD Link?

AMD Link is a ground-breaking app designed to enable users to monitor performance and PC system info, stream and share gameplay moments from their PC and be in the know with AMD’s social/gaming feeds on their smartphones or tablets.

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What are the minimum requirements for it?

You can find the minimum requirements (among other useful information) for the app in our release notes, which will be always up-to-date for the latest version. You can find them here: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download

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Do I need an AMD Radeon™ card in order to install it?

No, however the functionality of the app will be severely limited as two of the main sections, namely Performance Monitoring and Radeon™ ReLive, will not be available. The News Feed section doesn’t need a connection to your PC to work, for instance.

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What version of Radeon™ Software do I need in order for the app to work?

You need the Adrenalin Edition version of Radeon Software (version 17.12) or later

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How do I report bugs when the app doesn’t behave as it should?

You can submit bugs and feature requests through our usual AMD Issue Reporting Form: http://www.amd.com/report

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What are the main sections of AMD Link?

There are five sections:

  • The Home section, containing images you can click on to learn more about AMD or AMD partner products.
  • PC Performance Monitoring section, which allows the user to monitor and track gaming performance and system info of their PC using easy-to-understand bar graphs.
  • Radeon ReLive section that enables capturing or streaming of your gameplay, and sharing the gameplay moments saved on your PC.
  • The News Feed section allows users to receive info from AMD social feeds, as well as options to share them across their social channels.
  • App Settings that allows users to connect to their saved connection profiles, initiate a new PC connection and select whether they want their device’s display to be always on or not.
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What is this bell I see in the top left of the Home section once I am connected to my PC?

You can click on the bell to find out the latest versions of AMD Link and Radeon Settings – and whether any updates have been released.

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Radeon™ ReLive: Can I select multiple images in the ReLive gallery?

At this moment, you can only select and share one screenshot/video at a time

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Radeon ReLive: When I record/stream something, or take a screenshot, where are my files saved?

In this case, Radeon Settings is still doing the heavy-lifting – which means that once you record a video or take a screenshot, your files will reside in your ReLive gallery’s save folder on your PC. That is also the reason you cannot playback the ReLive gallery contents from your device for now.

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Radeon ReLive: Why can’t I use the app’s ReLive functions? I am already connected!

You need to make sure you have installed and enabled Radeon ReLive in Radeon Settings. Once installed, go to the ReLive tab in Radeon Settings, and make sure ReLive is on.

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Settings: What is the AMD User Experience Program and why do I see it in the settings?

This entry appears if you have opted in to share information about your PC with AMD in order to help us improve our products and services. For more information about the program, head here: http://www.amd.com/en/corporate/amd-user-experience

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Settings: My screen is “always on” while I am in the app – can that be disabled?

Of course; just go to App settings and click on the “Keep Screen On” checkbox to disable that feature

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News Feed: Can I share news items that I find interesting?

In order to do that, click on the news item. On the top right you will see a sharing button. By clicking that, you’ll be able to share this news item to your social media and more, depending on what your device supports.

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Performance Metrics: Can I customize the performance metrics lists?

In the Current Performance and Timeline tabs, you can click on the “Select Metrics” button (top, second button from the right) to add or remove metrics that you want from the ones available.

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Performance Metrics: How does the histogram view work?

In the histogram tab, you can click on the metric for which you want to show a full screen view. Apart from the average value of the metric, you can also click on the histogram to see values at any point in time. The history duration and sampling interval can be modified by clicking on the options icon (top right).

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Why are there different colors in the FPS tab?

The colors have the following significance: Green, if the game is achieving 60fps or more, Yellow if it is between 30 and 60fps, and Red if it is below the 30fps threshold.

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General: How do I reconnect to my PC instead of Adding a PC all over again?

Load the app and when you see the Welcome screen, press skip (top right). Then go to App settings, and enable the existing profile you want.

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General: Can two or more mobile devices connect to my PC?

The connection between your PC and your mobile device has to be one-to-one. If you try to connect another mobile device while a prior connection is still active, the existing connection will break and the new device will be connected.

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General: How do I disconnect from my PC when I am done?

You can go to the App Settings section and tap on your PC profile to uncheck and disconnect. Or, you can simply close the app.

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Network: How can I troubleshoot if a connection cannot be established?

First of all, if you cannot connect by using the QR code, there is a manual option – so select “Manual Input” from the Add a PC wizard in the beginning, or via the Settings and follow the instructions on your device’s screen. Apart from that, make sure you have checked the following:

  • You have a strong Wi-Fi signal on your phone.
  • You are connected to the same network and subnet as your PC.
  • In manual input, that you are entering the correct IP address on your PC, it may have more than one.
  • Some software firewalls and routers may interfere with AMD Link’s ability to communicate with your PC. So make sure port 58888 is open for business.
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Network: I am getting an error message while trying to connect! What does it mean?

Here are some of the error messages you may encounter while trying to connect AMD Link to your PC and their meaning.

DEADLINE_EXCEEDEDDeadline expired before operation could complete. This usually means that your PC didn’t respond to AMD’s link request for connection. Please make sure your firewall, antivirus or router are not blocking connections
ALREADY_EXISTSCouldn’t create an entity (e.g., file or directory) because it already exists. A good idea would be to delete your profile both in Radeon Settings and in the app, and try to re-initiate the connection from the beginning.
PERMISSION_DENIEDThe caller does not have permission to execute the specified operation. Blocked RPC communications or blocked ports are usually to blame for this, so check your firewalls and/or anti-virus software.

The request does not have valid authentication credentials for the operation. This means that one of the following connection details is not right:

  • IP
  • Host name
  • Port
  • PIN
CANCELLEDThe user disconnected from the server – that may happen when you have a weak or finicky Wi-Fi signal, you locked your PC or your phone went into deep sleep and thus the connection was terminated.
UNAVAILABLEThe service is currently unavailable. Make sure AMD Link server is enabled and running and that all the network configuration details check out.
Service unavailableSame as UNAVAILABLE
Connection timed outSame as DEADLINE_EXCEEDED
Connection closedSame as CANCELLED


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Network: How can I find out my PCs and my device’s IP address?

In your Radeon Settings, click on the “AMD Link” button. If “AMD Link Server” is disabled, enable it. If “AMD Link Server” is enabled, click “Add Device”. Click on the “Manual Input” button – you will see your IP there. If there are more than one IP, click on the “Server IP” button to see the whole list.

In order to find the IP of your mobile device, the steps are different and they depend on the operating system version, and your device’s manufacturer. Here are a few tips:

  • If you have an iOS device, go to Settings and click on Wi-Fi. Then click on the connected Wi-Fi network and you’ll see your network information there.
  • On Android it depends on your device, Android version and device manufacturer – usually you can try going to Settings, Connections, click on Wi-Fi and then click on the connected network. Alternatively, there will be an advanced option on your Wi-Fi network list that will take you to a window with all the relevant information.
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Settings: How can I delete a profile that’s not valid anymore?

Your saved connection profile can become invalid for a number of reasons; most commonly the IP of either your PC or your device has changed at some point. In that case, you can go to the app Settings section, and swipe the profile from left to right. You will have a few seconds to undo your action, if you did this by mistake but after that, the profile will be deleted.

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How can I tell if a device is connected to my PC?

Click on the “AMD Link” button and look at the saved profiles; if a device is connected, the indicator beside it will be green.

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Can I delete a profile from Radeon Settings?

You can simply click on the profile that you want to remove, and select “Remove.”

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