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Enabling ultra-high PC quality VR experiences on mobile devices, with Radeon™ ReLive for VR

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Seamlessly transition from your PC to your phone or tablet* powered by AMD Link

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Reliving the excitement of your gaming moments just got more personalized, with extended image and editing support

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Great new features include chat integration, transparent backgrounds, windowed mode capture and separate audio track capabilities

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In-Game Replay

Relive and replay your greatest moments with in-game instant video playback.

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Scene Editor

Get more control of your content with live editing. Easily transition through scenes with hotkeys, and Radeon™ Overlay.

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GIF Support

Capture your most recent gameplay with instant GIFs.


Are there Video RAM requirements for using the Radeon Relive feature?

Yes, Radeon ReLive is not supported on systems with 2GB VRAM memory or less.

Does Radeon ReLive support 32-bit Operating Systems?

Support in 32-bit operating systems is “as-is” and without support.

Does Windows® 7 need Aero or DWM enabled for Radeon ReLive to function correctly?

Yes, Windows 7 needs to have Aero/DWM enabled to function.

Does Radeon ReLive work for Detachable Graphics (AMD XConnect™ Technology), PowerXpress or Hybrid Graphics system configurations?

No, Radeon ReLive should not install (in Windows® 10) and will not function (in Windows 7) on PowerXpress / Hybrid Graphics (Switchable Graphics) & Detachable Graphics (XConnect) configurations.

Does Radeon ReLive work with AMD Eyefinity technology or Multi Monitor Configurations?

Radeon ReLive works for multi monitor configurations and is supported on some Eyefinity display configurations.

Can Radeon ReLive record multiple displays?

Radeon ReLive is supported for single display recording or Eyefinity display configuration* recording

Does Radeon ReLive work with Virtual Reality Headsets?

Radeon ReLive does not support recording of play viewed through Virtual Reality Headsets.

Why is my OpenGL game not recording with Radeon ReLive?

Recording of OGL games is not supported with Radeon ReLive.

Does Radeon ReLive work with AMD Crossfire™ Technology*?

Yes; however, when running Radeon ReLive in AMD CrossFire technology mode, users may experience less scaling performance than they would experience when Radeon ReLive is disabled.

Can I record protected movies or TV content using Radeon ReLive?

Recording of “protected content” is NOT supported.

Can I record multi-channel audio?

Dolby®/DTS encoded Audio is not supported with Radeon ReLive recording.

Why is Radeon ReLive not capturing audio for my recordings?

Audio configuration must be set before Radeon ReLive recording is started.

Can I use my Xbox® DVR and Radeon ReLive simultaneously?

No. Recording with Radeon ReLive & Microsoft® Game DVR simultaneously is unsupported.

Why can’t I playback a recording on my Windows 7 based PC?

A 3rd party decoder will be required to play any recorded content in Windows 7 as the codec is not included with Windows 7 by default.

Is AMD Video Coding Engine (VCE) support required on my graphics product to use Radeon ReLive?

Yes, at minimum Video Coding Engine 1.0 support is required for Radeon ReLive functionality



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*PC game compatibility depends on headset capability. Please see Requires HTC Vive Focus or phone and headset which supports Google Daydream (Android 7.0).  For VR connectivity, an 802.11ac router or access point is required. Compatible with: AMD Radeon™ RX 470, RX 570, RX 480, RX 580, RX 590 & RX Vega series products. Supports: Windows® 10 

**Controllers must be compatible with selected game and headset, please consult vendor for compatibility information

Game streaming requires phone or tablet which supports Android 5.0 and greater or iOS 10 and greater.

Game Streaming at 4K requires 4K capable streaming hardware.

AMD Eyefinity technology supports up to six DisplayPort monitors on an enabled graphics card. Supported display quantity, type and resolution vary by model and board design; confirm specifications with manufacturer before purchase. To enable more than two displays, or multiple displays from a single output, additional hardware such as DisplayPort-ready monitors or DisplayPort 1.2 MST-enabled hubs may be required.  A maximum of two active adapters is recommended for consumer systems. See for full details. GD-20

AMD CrossFire™ technology and/or AMD LiquidVR™ Affinity Multi-GPU technology requires an AMD CrossFire™ technology-ready motherboard and may require a specialized power supply and AMD CrossFire™ Bridge Interconnect (for each additional graphics card). Check with your component or system manufacturer for specific model capabilities. See for more information. GD-11

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