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AMD Radeon™ ReLive for VR

Bringing Radeon™ Gaming to Standalone VR Headsets*

Enjoy your content, and the freedom of movement with AMD Radeon™ ReLive for VR

AMD Radeon™ ReLive VR

Bringing Radeon™ Gaming to Standalone VR Headsets* 

Enjoy your content, and the freedom of movement with AMD Radeon™ ReLive VR 

AMD Radeon™ ReLive for VR Compatibility

Radeon™ ReLive for VR allows for Steam®VR content streaming to millions of compatible devices with support for HTC Vive Focus. Streaming is enabled through Steam®, & the Steam®VR ecosystem, and through the Radeon™ ReLive Wireless VR app, for an untethered gaming experience. *


Radeon™ ReLive for VR Available On:

Getting Started

Run the AMD ReLive for VR app. It will find your PC running Steam®VR and connect to it automatically. Launch SteamVR Home by holding: 

  • The App button on the Vive Focus controller** or  
  • The trackpad button of the controller** for at least 2 secs. Then point and click on the VR Home button in the SteamVR menu.

Steam or Steam VR is not installed 

If you don’t have Steam installed, you can download it here. You will need a Steam account to be able to use it. 

Click here to install SteamVR: 

  • The installer window may pop up behind this browser. 
  • Alternatively, you can install SteamVR from Steam > Library > Tools. 

Steam/SteamVR is installed, but Radeon™ ReLive for VR driver is set to “Not Registered” 

Disconnect your wired HMD from your PC (if you have one connected) 

  • Make sure your PC is connected to a 5GHz (802.11ac) router or a wireless access point with an Ethernet cable (Cat-5e or Cat-6 recommended) 
  • Make sure Remote Play is Enabled on Radeon™ Settings. 
  • Flip the SteamVR switch to Registered to enable Radeon™ Relive for VR.  
  • Allow incoming network traffic on Windows Firewall, if prompted 
  • Restart SteamVR 
  • Install the Relive for VR app on your HMD/phone: 
    • HTC Vive Focus  
    • DayDream 
  • Make sure your HMD/phone is connected to the same router/AP as your PC running SteamVR. Make sure to use the 5GHz SSID (usually has “5G” or “5GHz” or “AC” in its name for most routers) – note that 2.4GHz networks (802.11n or earlier) are not recommended for a good wireless VR experience. 


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Radeon™ ReLive Wireless VR is compatible with: AMD Radeon™ RX 570, RX 580, RX 590 & RX Vega series products. Supports: Windows® 10. Recommended experience on Radeon™ RX Vega series graphics cards.

*PC game compatibility depends on headset capability. Please see Requires HTC Vive Focus or phone and headset which supports Google Daydream (Android 7.0).  For VR connectivity, an 802.11ac router or access point is required. Compatible with: AMD Radeon™ RX 470, RX 570, RX 480, RX 580, RX 590 & RX Vega series products. Supports: Windows® 10 

**Controllers must be compatible with selected game and headset, please consult vendor for compatibility information.