Technology That Won’t Lock You In

AMD delivers security, manageability and virtualization solutions built on industry-leading open standards. Our features work within existing environments to enable freedom of choice without locked-in, proprietary solutions or costs.

Competitive, Consistent, Comprehensive Security from Silicon-level Up

Security and virtualization features are designed into every AMD PRO A-Series APU. From anti-theft to TPM, malware protection to full disc encryption, AMD offers the security features businesses need most. And building on open standards enables the best choice for any bottom line.

Secure hardware and software encryption

AES: Enable fast and secure data encryption and decryption with Advanced Encryption Standard instructions. 

Disk encryption: Help prevent unauthorized access to data storage with software-based disk encryption on the entire boot disk, including the MBR (master boot record).

TPM: Protect your vital data with support for Trusted Platform Module 1.2, enabling stored encryption keys and authentication hardware clients.

Advanced Support for Standard-based Management

Simplify your PC management. Because AMD-based systems are based on industry-leading DASH (Desktop and Mobile Architecture for System Hardware) standards, they are compatible with a broad range of software and technology on desktop and mobile client systems. DASH-based implementations offer highly competitive out-of-band manageability feature sets, enabling greater management flexibility in a multivendor client environment, at a business-friendly price.


AMD PRO A-Series APU with Full Featured DASH Manageability

AMD PRO A-Series platforms utilizing DASH manageability enable manageability features you need and want. These affordable, easy-to-use management tools and features enable remote management of client systems, whether they are powered on (in-band) with a responsive operating system (in-service), or when the clients are powered off (out-of-band) or have a non-responsive operating system (out-of-service). Our powerful management tools also offer remote diagnostics and troubleshooting, asset management, automated system startup and shut down.

Solutions based on DASH can also help avoid the pitfalls of proprietary systems, by providing vendor neutral, platform-independent, and economical approaches to out-of-band client management. The best part is all AMD PRO A-Series APUs can enable DASH manageability, at no additional cost to you!

Integrated Virtualization Support

AMD offers the latest features, such as AMD-V™ virtualization technology, throughout the AMD PRO A-Series stack. Secure built-in processor virtualization offers peace of mind with firewall-like technology that helps protect your physical storage from attack. Memory stays safe from peripheral-based threats with I/O virtualization, which allows guest virtual machines (VMs) to directly and securely use peripheral devices such as Ethernet, accelerated graphics cards and hard drive controllers.