Power Efficient Cores

  • Four next-gen “Excavator” x86 cores with 2MB shared L2 cache

Efficient I/O

  • PCIe® Gen 3 x8 + Gen3 x4
  • Supports x8, x4, x2, x1


  • 37mm x 29mm FP4 BGA
  • TDP ranging from 12W to 35W
  • Flexible TDP

Integrated SCH

  • 2x SATA 2/3 ports
  • USB 2.0, USB 3.0
  • SPI, LPC, and other standard I/O interfaces

Power Management

  • Core, Northbridge, and GPU power gating
  • Core Power Management States: C6/CC6
  • DDR4 Memory P-States


  • DX12 3rd Generation Graphics Core Next (GCN)  technology
  • Unified Video Decode : Encode/Decode
  • Video Compression Engine
  • DCE11 - Display Control Engine

High Performance, Flexible Memory

  • Dual channel 64-bit DDR4 controller with ECC support
  • 2 DIMMs per channel up to 2400MHz speeds
  • 1.2V UDIMM and SO-DIMM support
  • 64GB Max Memory
x86 SoC Technology features