AMD、新「AMD Fusion パートナー・プログラム」を発表、グローバルでのAMD販売チャネルの拡大とパートナー各社の成長を目的に

- 「AMDプラットフォーム」の販売チャネルへのさらなる浸透を図り、 各チャネル・パートナーのニーズに応じたインセンティブとリソースを提供 -
-- このプレスリリースは、米国サニーベール9月30日 午前0:01(EST)発英文プレスリリースの一部抄訳版です。

AMD(本社:米カリフォルニア州サニーベール、社長兼CEO:ダーク・マイヤー)は本日、「AMD Fusionパートナー・プログラム」を発表しました。同プログラムは、AMDのチャネル・パートナー企業の売り上げ拡大を図り、各社のビジネスモデルに基づきニーズに応じたツールやリソースを提供する、AMDで初めてとなるグローバル・パートナー・プログラムです。

現行の4つのパートナー・プログラムを統合した形となる「AMD Fusionパートナー・プログラム」では、パートナー各社の売り上げ拡大を加速化させるため、特にAMDのCPU、GPU、チップセットの組み合わせである“All-AMD”ソリューションなど、AMD製品販売にあたって、各社向けにカスタマイズしたインセンティブやリソースを提供します。パートナー企業はまた、各社それぞれの事業目的に合致するようさらにパーソナライズされたツール、トレーニング、リソースも直接、またはオンラインで受けることができるようになります。


AMD Fusion Partner Program Structure

To structure the program to provide meaningful differentiation and customized incentives to partners, AMD is categorizing its partners into Elite, Premier and Select tiers, with Elite being the first tier and Select the third. The new system will provide meaningful differentiation across tiers and reward AMD's highest-performing partners based on their sales records for all-AMD solutions.
Partners will also be placed into one of six business tracks, which are designed to align programs and offerings to partners' business models to reflect the diversity of the channel landscape. These business tracks include channel providers, e-tailers, retailers, commercial solution providers, consumer solution providers and commercial volume resellers.

Fusion Partner Program Benefits

Starting immediately, AMD plans to phase in the AMD Fusion Partner Program over the next four quarters. During this time, AMD plans to roll out a number of new benefits. Many benefits, such as better online training tools, enhanced incentive programs and new co-marketing programs, are available to channel partners with today's launch. Additional benefits planned to appear throughout 2010 include an enhanced partner Web portal and new loyalty programs.

For more information on the AMD Fusion Partner Program, please visit AMD's channel resource page at:

Quote Support:

"AMD has one of its strongest roadmaps in years with compelling offerings for hot areas like notebooks, EE servers and high-performance desktops. Now, with the new AMD Fusion Partner Program, it is taking a critical step toward making it easier for channel partners to engage with them and sell a complete AMD solution," said Darren Su, EVP, iBUYPOWER. "Having all the components in a system coming from one supplier allows us to hand down savings and provide consistent and fast support, both of which are important in customer satisfaction." 

 "AMD understands the critical importance of our partners in successfully driving customer adoption of our platforms and has launched the AMD Fusion Partner Program to ensure we're providing the right elements to help accelerate our channel partner business," said David Kenyon, VP of Worldwide Channel Marketing, AMD. "By supplying the tools and resources the channel needs, we'll be able to better help these channel partners maximize their sales and enable customers around the world to have access to the next-generation solutions powered by AMD. At the same time, the new structure allows AMD to more effectively and frequently communicate with partners at every tier."


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