AMDとサイバーリンク社、Microsoft Windows® 7のDirect X®11の DirectCompute機能による一般向けビデオ・アプリケーション促進に向けた協業戦略を発表

- AMD、市場で唯一のDirect X®11対応グラフィックスカードにより、 「ATI Stream」テクノロジーを強化 -
-- このプレスリリースは、米国サニーベール10月8日 午後11:15(EST)発英文プレスリリースの一部抄訳版です。

AMD(本社:米カリフォルニア州サニーベール、社長兼CEO:ダーク・マイヤー)とサイバーリンク社(は本日、既存のエンジニアリング分野における2社間の戦略的協業を拡大すると発表しました。両社はDirectX® 11に完全に対応したAMDの最新グラフィックス・アーキテクチャーが備える優位性を最大限活用し、Microsoft DirectX 11 DirectCompute機能を軸として2社の協業を戦略的に拡大していきます。AMDとサイバーリンク社は、動画トランスコーディング、自動顔認識やタグ付け、動画編集・処理アプリケーション等、サイバーリンク社の各アプリケーションにおける多くの高負荷処理のアクセラレーション実現を目的に、Microsoft Windows® 7のDirectCompute APIのフル機能を活用する「ATI Stream」テクノロジーを積極的に採用、促進していきます。 

「ATI Stream」テクノロジーが対応する各アプリケーションはPCに搭載されたマルチコアCPUとGPUの両者の利点をダイナミックに活用することができるようになり、動画編集やビデオ・フォーマットの変換など要求の高いアルゴリズムに対応できます。本年9月にAMDが新しく発表した「ATI Radeon HD 5800シリーズ」グラフィックスは、Microsoft DirectX 11の上位仕様に現時点で完全対応している市場で唯一のグラフィックス・カードです。

"CyberLink's applications are known for their intuitive experience and optimized performance," said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. "DirectCompute enables our engineers to significantly ramp up the pace of development of our GPU accelerated software.  Thanks to AMD's compelling PC platforms with ATI Stream technology and support for DirectX 11, CyberLink is leading the industry in accelerating photo and video software performance with DirectCompute."

As the first software developer to take advantage of ATI Stream technology to leverage multi-core CPUs and GPUs to accelerate execution of highly parallel functions, CyberLink continues to set new standards of performance and interactivity across their product offerings.

“DirectX 11, a key set of features in Windows 7, enables developers to take full advantage of the GPUs found in many of today’s PCs,” said Mike Ybarra, general manager of Windows Product Management at Microsoft Corp.  “Specifically, DirectCompute technology helps accelerate the performance across several scenarios that historically took a long time to complete when just using the CPU.  CyberLink’s support of DirectCompute in their latest applications results in higher performance across these scenarios – something that our joint customers have asked for.”

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About CyberLink
CyberLink Corp is the leader and pioneer in enabling digital multimedia on PCs and CEs. Backed by a group of high-caliber software engineers, CyberLink owns its core codec and a number of patented technologies. CyberLink has built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality, interoperable, and fast time-to-market solutions that keep our OEM partners on the leading edge. Our business partners include leaders in the PC industry: drive manufacturers, graphics-card makers, and top-5 desktop and notebook brands. Today, CyberLink’s software solutions include: complete applications for Blu-ray Discs, Digital Home entertainment, TV-on-PC and human resource development. With customers spanning from multi-national corporations to small/medium-sized businesses, and from power users to home users, CyberLink has enjoyed rapid and consistent growth leading to a record breaking IPO in 2000 on the Taiwan Over The Counter Exchange (OTC: 5203). Currently, CyberLink is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: 5203.TW). CyberLink's worldwide headquarters is located in Taipei. To keep up with market demands, CyberLink has operations in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region, including Japan. For more information, please visit CyberLink's website at


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