Radeon Pro WX digital design car

Streamlining design to manufacture workloads.

Design visualization is playing an increasingly important role in helping manufacturers streamline design to manufacture workflows. It is also being used more often in product development as well as architecture, engineering and construction industries. Advanced technologies, including real-time visualization, physically-based rendering and virtual reality (VR)*, give design and manufacturing firms a powerful arsenal of visualization tools that can be used at all stages of product development.

The Radeon™ Pro WX Series workstation graphics cards provide the necessary performance required to drive these increasingly large and complex models through the entire design visualization pipeline. The Radeon™ Pro WX Series GPUs also benefit from workstation certifications and optimizations for many of today’s popular design applications, including: SOLIDWORKS®, PTC® Creo®, Autodesk® Revit® and Siemens® NX®. For a complete list of certified applications, please visit www.amd.com/certified.

Customer Success Stories

Radeon™ Graphics Card for creative designing | https://www.amd.com/system/files/135353-CGPdesign-case-study-cad-motorcycle-1260x709.jpg

Power to CGPdesign

AMD's powerful Radeon™ Pro WX 7100 graphics cards help this award-winning design collective teach CAD tools like SOLIDWORKS® and CATIA™ to the next generation of Bosnian engineers.

Radeon™ ProRender Technology

Free. Fast. Accurate.

Radeon™ ProRender is a powerful physically-based rendering engine that enables creative professionals to produce stunningly photorealistic images.

Built on highly efficient, high-performance Radeon™ Rays technology, Radeon™ ProRender’s complete, scalable ray tracing engine uses open industry standards to harness GPU and CPU performance for swift, impressive results.

Application Highlights

Catia 3DExperience® plane and car

Dassault Systèmes® CATIA®

Thoroughly tested and certified for CATIA and the 3DExperience® platform for optimized performance and reliability.

Solidworks screen

Dassault Systèmes® SOLIDWORKS®

SOLIDWORKS-specific optimizations, enabling increased realism, outstanding performance and enhanced interactivity for designers and engineers.

PTC Creo motorcycle

PTC® Creo®

Tuned for Creo and the PTC portfolio to help ensure maximum performance and reliability. 

Seimens NX screen

Siemens® NX®

Ultimate performance meets reliability and support for latest open industry standards. 

Recommended Hardware

Radeon Pro WX8200

Radeon™ Pro WX 8200 Graphics

Freedom to Express, Power to Create. 

Ideal for:

  • 4K video Editing
  • Visualization
  • Large Scale Complex Modeling & Rendering
  • Advanced VR Content Creation
  • Rendering
Radeon™ Pro WX 7100

Radeon™ Pro WX 7100 Graphics

Ready for tomorrow’s VR workflows.

Ideal for:

  • Large-scale modeling and rendering
  • Visualization
  • Simulation
  • Virtual Reality
Radeon™ Pro WX 5100

Radeon™ Pro WX 5100 Graphics

Ready for the game engine revolution in your design workflow.

Ideal for:

  • Medium to large-scale modeling and rendering
  • Visualization
  • Simulation
Radeon™ Pro WX 4100

Radeon™ Pro WX 4100 Graphics

Superior graphics performance for small form factor workstations. 

Ideal for:

  • Small to medium-scale  modeling and rendering
  • Visualization
  • Simulation

* Select Radeon Pro graphics cards are VR capable. Learn more at http://www.amd.com/en/technologies/vr-ready-creator