AMD Welcomes The Next Generation Power-Efficient Embedded GPUs

The AMD Embedded Radeon™ E9170 Series


Outstanding Graphics

  • AMD offers the capability for HD and 4K high-speed video decode and encode and 3D support to help ensure jaw-dropping experiences.


  • All AMD embedded GPUs support multiple displays and select AMD embedded GPUs support up to 6 displays.

Small Form Factor

  • Embedded industry-standard form factors such as MCM, MXM and low-profile PCIe are ideal for compact systems.

Power Efficiency

  • Save on power and even design fanless systems with a wide range of thermal design power (TDP) options – including options in the sub-20W category.


  • AMD offers at least 5 years of support1 for most embedded GPUs; longer than most consumer-grade GPUs.


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Ultra-High Performance Embedded GPUs

These are AMD's highest performing embedded discrete GPUs. These incredibly powerful processors are well-suited for high-end casino and arcade gaming machines, high-end medical imaging devices, and high-end conventional military and aerospace applications.

Embedded GPUs Supernova

High-Performance Embedded GPUs

These GPUs provide the right balance of performance, power and price to meet the needs of most customers. They are well-suited for casino and arcade gaming machines, medical imaging devices, and digital signage installations.

Power-Efficient Embedded GPUs

These GPUs provide excellent processing performance at reduced levels of power consumption, making them well-suited for mobile signage, retail and kiosks, factory human-machine interface systems, heads-up conventional military and aerospace displays, and thin client computers.

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Long Product Availability

Get optimal value out of designs by reducing engineering iteration cycles. Particularly valuable for designers of products in highly regulated industries, including medical imaging and casino gaming.

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  1. Part availability is planned for 5 years from date of announcement, subject to change without notice. Further support available under contract.