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AMD is paving the way for a new generation of automated factories. With solutions that serve a wide range of applications, we are helping customers realize a future where things run seamlessly, keeping employees productive while they interact more naturally and intuitively with the technology around them. 

Smart Transportation


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AMD Ryzen Embedded V-Series

  • High End Industrial PCs
  • Machine Vision
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AMD Embedded R-Series

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AMD Embedded dGPU


Remote Management

Help reduce administration and maintenance costs and power consumption through service alerts, remote diagnostics the ability to remotely schedule the turn on or off of stations.

I/O Support

Ongoing support of legacy I/O such as fieldbus, and discrete I/O interfaces. Migration path to the latest in high-speed I/O through support of PCI Express, USB 3.0 and SATA.


Platform designs that operate reliably in high shock and vibration environments through small footprint BGA package options.


PC-compatible x86 architecture provides native support for Microsoft® Windows®, Linux®, and a variety of popular real-time and safety certified operating systems.


Support for AMD-V™ hardware virtualization enables a graphics centric non-deterministic operating system to run alongside a deterministic hard real-time operating system.


Avoid unnecessary product changes with five years of planned product availability, plus an additional two years possible under contract.1


Footprint compatible options within processor families help enable a single design to serve the needs of multiple performance, power and price solutions.


Help to increase efficiency and productivity through better management of people, processes and assets through compatibility with enterprise IT networks and applications.


The option for fan-less designs and solutions that help reduce the thermal stress on systems through low power solutions.

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  1. Find out more about the product longevity at http://products.amd.com/en-us/embedded