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From the corporate office to the modern classroom, the ability to share ideas efficiently and effectively among colleagues and classmates is essential for boosting productivity and collaboration. The next generation of interactive, visually-driven communication solutions – spanning digital whiteboards, video conferencing systems, and smart projectors – will enable new levels of collaboration. Seamless video will connect us together from anywhere in the world and transform productivity for small businesses, large enterprises, primary schools and universities. Supporting a host of rich multimedia capabilities ranging from touchscreen annotation to advanced 3D modeling and beyond, these systems require a processing platform that’s optimized for high-performance graphics and video resolution up to 4K. The ability to simultaneously power multiple graphics-intensive functions and core productivity software with ultra-low latency is critical to ensuring a smooth, high-quality user experience.


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People collaborating at screen


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Power and Space Efficiency

Power-efficient AMD Embedded processors minimize thermal constraints thereby enabling sleek, compact flat-panel systems. Support for popular media device and display interface standards further improves design flexibility.

4K Multimedia Performance

Full 4K multimedia support enables unparalleled video conferencing quality. Hardware acceleration for 4K video, leveraging next- generation video codecs such as HEVC/H.256 and VP9, and multi-display capabilities enable innovative multi-stream collaboration solutions.1

Broad Ecosystem Support and Security

AMD provides support for Windows™ and multiple Linux distributions on its Embedded R-Series processors and Embedded Discrete GPUs. On-chip Platform Security Processors2 (PSPs) enable secure media playback of protected/premium content in addition to secure boot functionality.2

4K Display and HEVC Decode

4K Display HEVC Decode Chart

GPU Computing Versatility

The Radeon™ Open eCosystem (ROCm), based on the GPUOpen initiative, equips designers to achieve breakthrough innovations in GPU-driven imaging capabilities. Additionally, developers can benefit from the strong set of open development tools and GPU compute libraries provided by AMD.

Flexible Configurations

The AMD Embedded R-Series SoC provide single-chip CPU, GPU and I/O controller integration enabling an optimal balance of graphics and compute processing performance without straining memory bandwidth. The new AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V-Series, brings even more CPU and GPU performance whilst still maintaining the system balance for applications that need to push the boundaries even further.  By adding an AMD Embedded Radeon™ discrete GPU, such as E9260, designers can achieve a significant performance boost to power advanced multimedia capabilities.

Scalable Solutions

A broad range of TDP options within the AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V-Series family, as well as pin and software compatibility between select AMD Embedded R-Series and G-Series SoCs enables end platform scalability, streamlined design cycles and reduced development costs for OEM system portfolios spanning from low end to high end offerings.

Barco Equipment

Connect, Click and Share

AMD R-series SoCs help facilitate Boardroom Presentations

Barco’s ClickShare CSE-800 simplifies boardroom multimedia Presentation and interactive collaboration with help from the high-performance AMD Embedded R-series SoCs.

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  1. HEVC acceleration is subject to inclusion/installation of compatible HEVC players
  2. Only available on select AMD processors
  3. HEVC (H.265), H.264, and VP9 acceleration are subject to and not operable without inclusion/installation of compatible HEVC players.  GD-81