At AMD, we develop greater technology for the greater good, creating high-performance semiconductor solutions that are designed to help solve some of the world’s toughest challenges. This is our driving motivation – to enable the world’s creators, researchers, inventors and explorers to transform the lives of those around them through immersive and instinctive computing.


The concept of responsibly developing and delivering cutting-edge technologies that enable a better world is deeply rooted in our culture. Corporate responsibility represents an important aspect of our business, which aims to generate shared value with our customers, suppliers, investors, employees and communities.

We look at corporate responsibility holistically through the lens of People, Planet and Purpose, which allows us to organize our work and put our values into action. CR is an important part of how we do business and is key to our employee value proposition. By aligning business success with societal value, we create benefits for AMD, our partners and millions of people around the globe.

This section of the website highlights details about our company, including our corporate responsibility strategy, mission and vision, our governance and management approach, stakeholder engagement, volunteerism and philanthropy and our supply chain.

Dr. Lisa Su

Message from our President and CEO

At AMD, we believe that high performance computing will transform all our lives for the better. Each day, we work to build great products that create immersive, next-generation computing experiences. Since 2017, we have launched ten new products families, bringing choice and innovation into the computing, graphics and datacenter markets, and creating new opportunities in emerging fields such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. We deliver great technology not just for technology’s sake, but to drive more performance, more control, and more opportunity for progress into the hands of the people who are working to solve the world’s toughest problems.

Throughout our company, we have fostered a culture of innovation, leadership and focused execution. Our employees are highly engaged and proud to work at AMD, with a strong belief in our products and mission and an understanding that each person has an important role in our success. We apply this same pride towards our community and our planet. Each year, thousands of AMDers roll up their sleeves to make a difference where we live and work through year-round company sponsored volunteer activities, STEM-focused programs, and our annual Day of Service. We strive to make a positive and lasting impact on our industry, and our world. 

As a result, we have been recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Best Corporate Citizens on its Just 100 List, identified as one of Barron’s 100 Most Sustainable Companies, and named as a Supplier Engagement Leader by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). Our 25x20 Energy Efficiency Initiative is on track to deliver at least 25 times more energy efficiency with AMD Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) by 2020, and we have already met our 2020 goal to reduce operational emissions by 20 percent.

Today, we see unprecedented opportunities for our high performance computing and graphics products to inspire the innovators of tomorrow, and we are proud to deliver these great products in a manner that leaves the world a better place.

Dr. Lisa Su

President and CEO

Who We Are

Since our founding in 1969, AMD has driven innovation in high-performance computing, graphics and visualization technologies — the building blocks for gaming, immersive platforms and the datacenter. Hundreds of millions of consumers, leading Fortune 500 businesses and cutting-edge scientific research facilities rely on AMD technology daily to improve how they live, work and play. AMD employees around the world are focused on building great products that push the boundaries of what is possible.

We operate in 42 locations in 23 countries, including R&D facilities, international sales offices and joint ventures with assembly/test manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and China. Check out our operational map and our value chain.

What We Make


AMD combines breakthrough graphics architecture with cutting-edge software to build platforms that can handle the most challenging, important and graphics-intensive applications today, including gaming, machine intelligence, and virtual and augmented reality.



machine intelligence

Machine Intelligence


Virtual & Augmented Reality


AMD’s high-performance microprocessors and chipsets deliver powerful, efficient performance for consumer and commercial devices like desktops, notebooks and datacenters.

client systems

Client Systems


Infrastructure & Cloud


AMD has leadership high-performance graphics and compute design capabilities, uniquely enabling us to differentiate solutions for customers and partners. From embedded products that power medical imaging devices and digital signage to semi-custom processors for leading game consoles and beyond, AMD technology is everywhere.



vertical platforms

Vertical Platforms



Our CR Strategy

We believe that companies must operate with a broader societal purpose as their foundation. We are proud of our record of achievement at AMD, which is possible due to our employees and partners worldwide. In all that we do, we know it is both a privilege and a responsibility to support society as a whole by creating important products consumers depend on, and we believe in inspiring our diverse employee base and operational teams to be mindful of their contributions and impacts. It is this broader purpose that allows us to generate sustainable long-term value generation for stakeholders.

AMD takes this commitment very seriously. We have a long-term strategy that is built on the core belief that business success and social value are not mutually exclusive; in fact, they are symbiotic, as illustrated by our CR vision, mission and guiding principles.

Guiding Principles:

Align with societal expectations

  • Protect our “license to operate” in all markets
  • Identify, incorporate and manage the expectations of our stakeholders

Enhance workplace culture

  • Ensure a collaborative and inclusive environment for employees and strategic partners
  • Represent the collective values of our company and share the sum total of our efforts

Maximize and measure shared value

  • Collaborate with strategic partners to deepen mutually beneficial relationships
  • Create shared value in all communities in which we operate

Value Chain


AMD engineers design the circuitry for microprocessors, graphics, embedded devices and accelerated processing units.

value chain: design


AMD designs are manufactured on a silicon wafer. A typical wafer is made out of pure silicon that is formed into cylindrical ingots. These ingots are then sliced into wafers about 0.75 mm thick. Each wafer undergoes multiple steps in the fabrication process to produce an AMD—designed processor, or “die.” The working die from the silicon wafer is cut and sent to be assembled into a chip. AMD sources its chips from two world-class water foundry partners.

value chain: silicon


In the assembly process, each die is attached to metal connectors so it can function with other devices on a circuit board. The die is then assembled into a protective package to dissipate heat and protect it from other elements. Once fully assembled, each chip is tested for functionality.

value chain: assembly


Qualified chips are then packaged for shipping to our customers. AMD works with channel partners to sell “processors–in–a–box” direct to the DIY computer enthusiast community as well as to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that integrate our technology into their branded devices.

value chain: shipping


AMD technology powers millions of intelligent devices made by our customers, including personal computers, game consoles and cloud servers. These devices are defining the new era of instinctive and immersive computing.

value chain: manufacturing


AMD solutions enable people everywhere to realize the full potential of their favorite devices and applications to push the boundaries of what is possible. The world’s creators, researchers, inventors and explorers are using high-performance computing to tackle challenges in science, medicine, manufacturing and other areas in order to transform the lives of those around them.

value chain: user


Proper reuse, recycling and disposal of electronic products is important in protecting the environment and moving toward a more circular economy. Engineering our products for long life, we work to reduce or eliminate problematic materials.

value chain: end of life


Our products enable others to change the world. This comes with a responsibility to ensure that we are doing the right thing and conducting our business ethically. 

Stakeholder Engagement

AMD’s stakeholders include our workforce, customers, investors and analysts, local communities, suppliers, non-government organizations (NGOs) and others.

Supply Chain

AMD incorporates corporate responsibility expectations into the same business processes we use for all supplier performance – the supplier business reviews (SBRs).