Battle 1v1 or 2v2 in this real-time card game with AMD Radeon™ graphics and Ryzen™ processors.

Minion Masters game image

AMD Recommended Specifications:

Processor: AMD Ryzen™ Processors

Graphics card: AMD Radeon™ RX Graphics Cards

Detailed recommended specifications coming soon.

Choose your master and dominate your opponents, powered by AMD technologies.

Radeon FreeSync™ technology

Radeon™ FreeSync Technology

No stuttering. No tearing. Just gaming.

Radeon ReLive

Radeon™ ReLive

Capture, stream and share your greatest moments.

Dive into 1v1 - or bring a friend to 2v2 - battle in this dangerously addictive fast-paced hybrid of deckbuilder, MOBA, and tower-defense.

Minion Masters is, quite simply, the best real-time card game with co-op made for PC! Even if you really, really hate card games (you weirdo), you will still love this game as it’s so deceptively simple to learn, yet deep as the Mariana Trench.

“Is this the greatest game of all time?” -Penny Arcade

We certainly like to think so, and you should totally give it a shot; it’s free!

It's this simple:

  1. Build a deck of 10 cards that summons minions, spells or buildings.
  2. Choose your Master, wisely!
  3. Dominate your opponents in fast-paced battles, where strategy and timing separates the best from the rest.

Whether you want to explore the Expeditions with your BFF, take selfies on the Leaderboard, Draft the craziest decks - or even start an E-sports career - Minion Masters offers the best experience, and completely fulfills all your needs in life.*

*Minion Masters does not provide food, water, shelter, healthcare or spiritual growth… but look for that in future updates!

Key Features

  • 1 vs 1.
  • 2 vs 2.
  • Drafts.
  • Expeditions.
  • Mayhems.
  • Masters leveling up in each match.
  • Bi-monthly seasons with new content.
  • Puffs!
  • Viewable leaderboard decks for inspiration (and to see the great game balance!).
  • Unlimited leveling.
  • Ranking with rewards.
  • Streaming mode.
  • Bearded and active developers.
  • And a lot more (Yes everybody writes that, but it’s true)!


Now go play it, we already told you it's free!

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