AMD Powered Technologies for Xbox Gaming Console

AMD technology is at the heart of consoles beloved for gameplay and streaming video entertainment.

Xbox One X and Xbox One S

Heart Pounding Gaming

Microsoft chose AMD technologies for its latest consoles. Our engineers worked closely with the designers of the Xbox One X and Xbox One S to create a tailored processor with powerful multi-core AMD CPU and graphics technology to provide stunning 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray™ playback, 4K video streaming, and incredibly realistic gameplay.

Mind-Blowing Engineering

AMD has been a key innovator of gaming technologies for multiple console generations, and we provide significant engineering resources and logistics support to our semi-custom console customers, enabling them to deliver out-of-this world experiences. Microsoft chose AMD because of our unmatched computing and graphics IP, gaming technology leadership and customization expertise.

PC Xbox game

Amazing Game Streaming

If you want to stream your Xbox One games to your Windows® 10-based PC, consider complementing your AMD-powered Xbox One X or Xbox One S with an AMD-powered PC. AMD-based PCs enable superior streaming experiences and support Microsoft Xbox One game streaming through Windows 10.