7th Generation AMD PRO A-Series Processors

Enabling real-world performance, meaningful innovation, and dependability

AMD Pro 7th Generation Performance Chip


  • AMD’s leadership as a proven technology pioneer drives a relentless focus on meaningful innovation aimed squarely at today’s evolving IT landscape, from daily desktop to mission-critical mobility platforms.
  • Breakthrough APU architecture, power and efficiency optimized for real-world computing and collaboration – 7th Generation AMD PRO delivers.
AMD Pro 7th Generation Reliability Chip


  • Trusted by major companies worldwide, AMD PRO is designed for superior business-ready computing backed by exceptional quality, outstanding reliability and designed for 24-month platform longevity.
  • AMD Secure Processor with ARM® TrustZone® enables state-of-the-art security features from silicon-level up.
  • AMD products are engineered for today’s all-day, everywhere workforce with mobile-ready features, and built-in security and manageability that enable nonstop productivity and peace of mind.
AMD Pro 7th Generation Opportunity Chip


  • Designed for the evolving requirements of today’s devices, users, and organizations, the 7th Generation AMD PRO portfolio helps ensure customers will never get locked into standards that narrow IT choices, or features that add cost but no meaningful benefit.
  • The 7th Generation AMD PRO processors allow IT Pros to consider richer system configurations, whether that’s adding a solid-state drive (SSD), more memory or a better and larger display, without going over their IT budget.

High-Performance Computing, Flash Creation, 3D Modeling, Industry-leading Visual Performance


Advanced Productivity, Content Creation, Advanced Multi-tasking, Remote Collaboration, Industry-leading Visual Performance


Advanced Productivity, Content Creation, Advanced Multi-tasking, Remote Collaboration, Industry-leading Visual Performance


Office Productivity, File Compression, Email, Web/Hosted Apps, Industry-leading Visual Performance

AMD Secure Processor

AMD Secure Processor

AMD Secure Technology brings a built-in security solution from silicon-level up. Security and virtualization features are designed into every AMD PRO APU.

AMD PRO Control Center

AMD PRO Control Center

The AMD PRO Control Center is the ideal solution for small and medium businesses functioning without implemented management tools or dedicated IT. It’s a one-stop utility for intuitive system configuration.

AMD Pro A Series APUs


Why pay extra for something not as inclusive? With DASH manageability bundled on every AMD PRO Series APU platform, AMD provides industry-standard manageability, flexibility with your budget, and the freedom to upgrade to richer hardware configurations – or keep the savings.