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What is overclocking?

It is important to note that any form of manual CPU overclocking, including using the AMD Ryzen Master Utility may damage your processor and invalidate the warranty1.

Overclocking1 is the process of tuning a system component, in this case the CPU, to run faster than the published specifications to support improved system performance.  This is done by increasing the clock rate of the CPU, allowing it to run more operations per second.

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What should I consider before I start overclocking my Ryzen/Ryzen Threadripper/Ryzen with Vega Graphics CPU?

For more advanced users with motherboards based on the X370, B350, X300 or X399 chipset, AMD provides the AMD Ryzen Master Utility. This allows for more precise control by allowing the user to manually configure and adjust CPU clock frequencies and core voltages.

The AMD Ryzen Master Utility User Guide provides information on overclocking and instruction on how to use the utility.

When manually overclocking, it is a best practice to overclock in small increments and then test for stability after each adjustment. This is best done by using the system as you normally would for a few hours. Depending on, among other things, the degree of adjustments, the motherboard, and the thermal solution, the system may become unstable (you may experience crashes or hangs) in which case the overclock settings should be reverted back to the last stable settings.

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What happens if I overclock my AMD Ryzen CPU beyond its specified operating threshold?

It is important to keep in mind that overclocked components will use more energy and generate more heat (requiring additional or upgraded cooling solutions) and may likely shorten the expected lifespan of the processor and certain other system components.  Further, overclocking a component beyond its specified operating threshold can, among other things, cause a system crash or hang due to overheating the CPU or other system components. Any system crash or hang can result in the loss of data. Any operation of the CPU beyond its specifications will also void the product warranty.

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Does the AMD Ryzen Master Utility support non Ryzen CPUs?

No. The AMD Ryzen Master Utility only supports Ryzen CPUs on AM4 socket motherboards with the X370, B350 or X300 chipsets and Ryzen Threadripper CPUs on TR4 socket motherboards with the X399 chipset. If you have an unlocked AM3/AM3+ and FM2/FM2+ socket compatible CPU, the AMD OverDrive Utility can be used instead.

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Where can I find more information on safely overclocking my AMD Ryzen CPU?

The AMD Ryzen Master Utility User Guide provides detailed instruction on how to use the overclocking application

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Where can I find the specifications of my Ryzen CPU?

Ryzen CPU specifications are available on the AMD Product Resource Center.






  1. AMD processors, including chipsets, CPUs, APUs and GPUs (collectively and individually "AMD processor"), are intended to be operated only within their associated specifications and factory settings. Operating your AMD processor outside of official AMD specifications or outside of factory settings, including but not limited to the conducting of overclocking using the Ryzen Master overclocking software, may damage your processor, affect the operation of your processor or the security features therein and/or lead to other problems, including but not limited to damage to your system components (including your motherboard and components thereon (e.g., memory)), system instabilities (e.g., data loss and corrupted images), reduction in system performance, shortened processor, system component and/or system life, and in extreme cases, total system failure. It is recommended that you save any important data before using the tool.  AMD does not provide support or service for issues or damages related to use of an AMD processor outside of official AMD specifications or outside of factory settings. You may also not receive support or service from your board or system manufacturer. Please make sure you have saved all important data before using this overclocking software.
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