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您自認為很瞭解 AMD。但是您知道 AMD 嵌入式解決方案嗎?我們的產品並不僅限於支援嵌入式裝置的晶片。AMD 嵌入式解決方案幾乎無所不在,其所形成的技術架構可讓使用者以創新的方式與世界互動,讓嵌入式設計人員能夠實現下一代精采絕倫的使用體驗。我們還有更多的產品等您來發掘。


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Xxpress DNA replication machine

AMD Embedded G-Series APU 讓 DNA 的複製作業更直覺化

這套解決方案可在平台內高速處理 DNA 的熱循環,非常簡單,任何實驗室的技術人員都能使用。

G-Series chip

​AMD E嵌入式解決方案指南

AMD 技術合作夥伴持續不斷地針對 AMD Embedded 產品研發主機板和解決方案,包括 AMD Embedded G-Series SOC

Robotic Arm


運用 AMD 的 DASH 參考設計,讓您不必一切從頭開始,便可快速在主機板設計上實作具成本效益的遠端管理解決方案​



The AMD Embedded G-Series APU delivered very well for the selected application and environment. This solution provides unmatched performance when you take into account the power consumption and size requirements.

- Moti Butrashvily, CEO, CASS

The AMD Embedded G-Series APU within the CURRERA-G PC camera helps enable a fully optimized data path from image sensor to application, eliminating CPU overhead during image data delivery.

- Max Larkin, CEO, Ximea

We had looked at other processors, but the graphics were only decent. At the time, someone mentioned the APU with better integration of graphics right on the silicon – which was ideal.

- Nick Burroughs, COO, BJS Biotechnologies

With AMD Embedded R-Series APUs at the heart of Quixant’s QX-40 casino gaming controllers, casino game developers are afforded unprecedented gains in graphics performance, power and cooling efficiencies, space savings and multi-display flexibility to help them achieve their most ambitious game design goals.

- Nick Jarmany, Managing Director, Quixant