Design & Engineering

Radeon VII and Epyc

AMD Radeon Technologies Group

AMD EPYC™ Excels In EDA Workflow For AMD Radeon Technologies Group.
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Comarch Case Study


Comarch partners with HP Enterprise to leverage AMD EPYC™ Processors to create IT platforms to meet customer needs of today and tomorrow.
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Globe Image


Learn about our goal at AMD to deliver at least 25X more energy efficiency by the year 2020.
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EPYC Hivelocity


Hivelocity's mission is to provide the ultimate cloud services experience through exceptional customer service, flawless reliability and extraordinary innovation.
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AMD Processors in cockpit display systems

Jet Airlines

Providing the utmost in situational awareness, aircraft effectiveness, and safety are critical goals for avionics engineers when designing cockpit display systems.
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Keliweb optimizes the hosting landscape and finds milestone performance with HPE and AMD EPYC™
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myLoc Case Study Thumbnail

myLoc managed IT AG

myLoc managed IT AG partners with AMD  to develop a new high-performance, attractively-priced product for
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Packet Case Study


From global bare metal public cloud to a fully on-premises software solution, Packet automates infrastructure regardless of what it is, where it is, or who owns it.
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Qarnot Computing examples


Qarnot provides cloud computing through a distributed infrastructure where computing power is split throughout the city in the form of heaters.
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Schneider Digital 3D Graphic on Screen

Schneider Digital

Schneider Digital specializes in the production and distribution of tailor-made solutions for professional 4K, 3D, and VR solutions for graphic-intensive computer applications.
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Media & Entertainment

Associated Press

AMD has joined with The Associated Press to form a new virtual reality experience channel to fuel next-generation journalism.
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Snapple and Dr Pepper Packaging

Dr Pepper Snapple

Dr Pepper Snapple Group is a leading producer of flavored beverages in North America and the Caribbean.
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Jellyfish Logo


Jellyfish is an Emmy®, BAFTA, and VES award-winning visual effects studio whose work includes scenes in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and countless other movies and television shows.
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Sony PS4


AMD and the creators of the PS4 Pro collaborated to engineer a processor with multi-core CPU and graphics technology for superb 4k gaming and entertainment.
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SpinVFX brings creative visions to life up to 50% faster by using AMD EPYC processors slashing rendering times and gaining more creative flexibility
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Screens in Time Square

Times Square

AMD graphics powers a Times Square mega billboard that stands eight stores high and covers a city block.
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Microsoft® Xbox ONE™


AMD and the designers of the Xbox One X and Xbox One S created a processor that provides 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray™ playback, 4K video streaming, and realistic gameplay.
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Brinks Truck


Brinks, a premier provider of secure logistics and security solutions, increases stability and mobility with AMD-based notebooks.
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AMD and Goldman

Global Investment Bank

15,000 Ryzen PRO-powered tiny desktops reduce TCO while improving user experience for industry leading global investment banker.
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doctor patient image

Kearny Clinic

Kearney Clinic strives to improve care between the patient, provider, and pharmacist with focus on diabetes, high blood pressure and medication education and use.
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Uniti Family Imaging on Monitors

Medical Imaging

A powerful design for medical displays revolutionizes diagnostic imaging and the assessment of patient information—enhancing workflow and quality of care.
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Oregon State University

Oregon State University requires high processor core and thread counts for genome-enabled and data-driven research in the life and environmental sciences
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School 42 Office

School 42

42 is a private, nonprofit and tuition-free computer programming school that is inspired by peer-to-peer pedagogy and project-based learning.
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zSpace screen

School of the Future

zSpace and AMD collaborate to better engage and inspire students to learn math and science through virtual reality.
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Unete Students with Computer


After 18 years of improving digital education with AMD-based products, UNETE’s model of individualized technology mentorship for instructors continues to deliver meaningful results.
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AMD + HPE + Notre Dame case study

University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame Center of Research Computing leverages AMD EPYC™ processors to drive better HPC density and faster results.
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University of Ulm Campus

University of Ulm

AMD EPYC™ single socket processors transform cloud computing platform for research and education at the University of Ulm
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