AMD Platforms

AMD Platforms: Building the Right System for Every User

Give your customers the right system, at the right price.

Radeon Software Logo

Radeon™ Software Technology Training

This web-based course includes an overview of the core technologies, Radeon™ Overlay and the AMD Link mobile app.

Ryzen + Radeon Vega Graphics

Sell Ryzen™ Processor with Radeon™ Vega Graphics

This sales tool highlights key selling points, product specs and performance benchmarks for the Ryzen™ Desktop Processor with Radeon™ Vega Graphics.


Can You Build an AMD Gaming System on a Budget?

Don Woligroski, AMD’s Product Marketing Manager, shows us it’s possible to build powerful gaming systems with AMD Ryzen™ processors with Radeon™ Vega graphics at a great price.

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