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With recent announcements of AMD’s earnings reports and a 40% year-over-year revenue growth, as well as a Company of the Year PCR award amongst many others, AMD’s past year has clearly been one of success – success AMD’s partners have shared with the company. A slew of products across market segments have resulted in a strong and exciting AMD eco-system, paving the way for partners to offer intelligent and forward-thinking solutions to their customers, regardless of the market.

While it’s always sensible to reflect on the successes of the past, AMD’s plan is to use this success to go beyond what has already been achieved, to deliver products that are better than ever moving into the future.


Ryzen™ Processors: One Year Later


Why Do Customers Love Ryzen™? 

As James Prior, AMD Product Manager, covers in the video above, the answer is choice. Ryzen™ and 2nd Generation Ryzen™ desktop processors share the same motherboard platform, meaning upgrading is simple and seamless for customers. Competitive pricing and value is another factor, as well as the customer’s freedom to overclock and adjust the processor’s output to their needs. This is all so that AMD partners and their customers can create powerful systems today that are easily upgradeable in the future.

As Ryzen’s offering expands with the introduction of the second generation, customers have greater choice than ever with two generations of incredible processors. 2nd Generation Ryzen is not replacing the first generation, but rather accompanying it – offering customers more options at more price-points to suit any user.

Ryzen’s Next Steps: The Journey to an AMD Future

AMD has a strong long-term Client roadmap that builds on the innovation delivered with “Zen”, the core architecture behind Ryzen , for years to come and will reinforce AMD’s position as the driving force of innovation in high performance computing.

In the Ryzen Processors: One Year Later video above, Mike Clark, AMD Sr. Fellow Design Engineer, discusses the fact that he and the engineering teams are already working on the 5th iteration of “Zen”.1 AMD is iterating several generations ahead, driving unimaginable possibilities with processors. Ryzen is a strong foundation with an exciting future ahead of it. AMD believes planning for the future is the ideal way to deliver continual leaps in performance and intelligent design, while offering its partners and their customers the power to choose.

Your customers love Ryzen, and AMD’s goal is to continue to deliver incredible products that they will continue to love, far into the future.

The Freedom of AMD

AMD’s focus is not only on processors. Graphics are a fundamental part of any user’s system, whether for gaming or work. While AMD’s competition seeks to restrict customer and partner choice, AMD is focused on delivering incredible products that users in any segment can enjoy. AMD Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Radeon™ gaming, Scott Herkelman, has pledged a commitment to freedom of choice to PC gamers.

AMD is about choice, freedom, and creativity – and what that brings to the customer experience. Suzanne Plummer in the One Year Later video says it best: “Competition is always a good thing.”

With advances in technologies like Ryzen™, EPYC™, Radeon™ RX Vega, and more to come, the future of AMD is bright. AMD looks forward to sharing the future with you, our partners, very soon.

  1. “Zen 5” is an AMD internal codename for a future generation of “Zen” architecture and is subject to change.