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AMD Radeon VII

AMD Radeon™ VII: 7nm is Here

"Games are growing increasingly demanding, requiring increased performance and new hardware technologies to deliver stunning graphics and smooth gameplay. AMD’s Radeon™ VII takes a giant leap forward."

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Top 5 Reasons It’s Going to Be A Great Year for AMD & Partners

"With many exciting developments, and new markets and opportunities emerging, AMD and its partners have much to be excited about in this new year. Here are the top five reasons it’s going to be a great year for AMD and partners."

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A 2018 Retrospective from the AMD SVP of Global Computing & Graphics Sales and President of AMD EMEA, Darren Grasby

​"2018 has seen AMD and its products receive more awards than ever before, such as Best Processor of the Year, the CES Innovation Award, and Company of the Year to name just a few.1 All of this culminated with the announcement that Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, will be delivering the keynote speech at CES 2019 in January."

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The AMD Partner Hub: Bringing You More Value Than Ever

"​​​AMD has made developing tools and resources to best enable its partners a top priority. With the recent expansion of the Partner Hub, now all of AMD’s partners have access to a collection of powerful sales tools and valuable marketing resources across virtually every product line, providing a single platform that AMD’s partners can easily access and immediately benefit from. Partners can find sales tools, digital and print marketing collateral, expert webinars, online training courses, relevant news, articles, and much more. The AMD Partner Hub is designed to bring immense value to you and your AMD business, and its continued evolution is planned to do so well into the future."

AMD Radeon Software Features

How AMD Radeon™ Graphics Change the Way Gamers Play

“To enjoy high-end gaming experiences and revolutionary technologies such as virtual reality, powerful graphics are vital. AMD’s Radeon™ graphics products offer an array of benefits to gamers of all budgets and needs. Additionally, Radeon™ graphics products enable your customers to stream, watch media, help them surf the web, and more. More than ever, graphics technologies are integrated in day-to-day system usage.”