​​With AMD Ryzen™ Processors on the horizon, the clear question on everyone’s minds is this: “Where does that leave AMD FX™ Processors?” After all, Ryzen will be AMD’s latest processor, it will change the processor landscape, and offers choice to gamers and prosumers alike. With a strong ecosystem​  already in place, Ryzen is poised to be one of AMD’s most anticipated and successful launches to date.

​The AMD FX Processor: What Role Does It Play in Today’s Markets?

AMD FX Processors will continue to co-exist with Ryzen in 2017 as the market continues to need DDR3 platforms at the mainstream and performance segment price points. 

Currently, AMD FX Processors deliver the highest clocks you can get on a consumer desktop PC, with at least twice the cores of comparably-priced competition.1,2 All AMD FX Processors feat​ure an unlocked clock multiplier that you won’t find on competing products, allowing users to exercise a highly configurable power and performance curve via AMD OverDrive™ software.3

As modern games transition to low level APIs and use more threads, the AMD strategy of “more cores at the price point” is expected to deliver competitive performance in the latest, greatest, gaming titles. The AMD FX Processor remains a strong and viable product line in AMD’s roadmap.

Furthermore, as game developers and programmers adopt multi-core usage, AMD FX Processors become even more potent and relevant, due to their array of multiple cores and high clock speeds.

Lastly, let’s consider its position in relation to Ryzen. While it’s clear Ryzen processors will offer high frequencies, AMD FX processors are not targeting the same enthusiast gamer and prosumer markets. AMD Ryzen augments the current AMD processor line. At AMD’s Path to Zen event, New Horizon event, and at CES, AMD has demonstrated that Ryzen can match or even outperform the competition in gaming, prosumer apps, and gaming with streaming, reaching those enthusiast gamer and prosumer markets.

​Who Wants An AMD FX Processor?

While many system integrators and DIYers enjoy building the latest, most spec’d out rig, they’re just one segment of the market that requires extreme performance. 

Many customers are still looking for reliable, strong, and capable processors at a great price, and in this space, it’s hard to beat AMD FX.

Whether designers and developers are looking for a multi-core processor to run the latest graphics applications and virtual machines, or a customer is looking for gaming and productivity, the AMD FX Processor is an extremely strong offering – especially with HTC VIVE recommendation for the AMD FX™ 8350 8-core processor at the heart of a VR Ready platform.4​ 

​The Conclusion on AMD FX Processors: It’s Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

As one of AMDs strongest and most reliable processors, AMD FX Processors remain a viable product offering from AMD. Providing powerful performance at very competitive prices, AMD Ryzen™​ processors shouldn’t be seen as a competitor to AMD FX, but an addition to AMD’s roadmap.

With an expanded roadmap of processors, AMD Ryzen and AMD FX Processors go hand-in-hand to offer customers a variety of choice for whatever their needs and budget may be. ​

  1. AMD FX™ 9590 has the highest nominal (4.7 GHz) and turbo (5.0 GHz) clock rates of any x86-compatible desktop CPU. Intel's fastest CPU, the i7-4790K, has a 4.0 GHz nominal and 4.4 GHz max turbo clock rate. See ark.intel.com for competing models.DTV-34
  2. As of 29/08/2016, AMD FX™ 4000 Series CPUs ($90 to $110) have 4 cores vs the Intel Pentium G and Core i3 6100 Series CPUs ($60 to $126) with 2 cores; AMD 6000 Series CPUs ($100 to $139) have 6 cores vs the Intel Core i3 6300 Series CPUs ($150 to $160) with 2 cores; AMD FX™ 8000 and AMD FX™ 9000 Series CPUs ($120 to $205) have 8 cores vs the Intel Core i5 6000 Series CPUs ($190 to $250) with 4 cores. Prices taken from Newegg.com 29/08/2016. See ark.intel.com for competing models. DTV-77
  3. AMD FX™ product warranty does not cover damages caused by overclocking, even when overclocking is enabled via AMD hardware
  4. HTC lists the AMD FX™ 8350 on their VIVE Ready recommended computer specification page, https://www.vive.com/us/ready/