Meet the Experts, AMD's partner webinar series, covers everything from consumer laptops and gaming desktops to commercial products such as professional graphics and the datacenter.
They are packed with information about new products, partner showcases, industry insights, and much more to help empower you to be an expert as you sell and market AMD products to your customers.

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What Influences an IT Buyer’s Decision Making

What Influences an IT Buyer’s Decision Making?

January 22, 2019
Join Georgeanna Liu, AMD Sr. Market Research Manager, as she shares information about what IT decision makers consider when investing in new servers for their datacenter. 

digital brain

Smart Features AMD Products Provide

January 24, 2019 
Join us as Robert Hallock, AMD’s Technical Marketing Manager, gives us a closer look at the AMD and the smart features our products implement.

Watch Past Webinars

Watch previously recorded Meet The Experts webinars where AMD experts discuss the latest products, technology updates, and industry insights.


A New Year Powered by AMD Ryzen Mobile Processors

Join us as we discuss the latest technology features and how AMD Ryzen™ Mobile Processors can help you and your customers succeed in the New Year.

2018: A Year of Innovation & Success for AMD

2018: A Year of Innovation & Success for AMD

As 2018 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on everything accomplished. Join us as AMD’s CMO, John Taylor, and AMD’s Global VP of Marketing, Ron Myers, celebrate our joint accomplishments and hint at what’s to come.

AMD Market Insights and Research - Meet the Experts November

Interesting Market Insights and Research from AMD

Join us as AMD Expert, Georgeanna Liu, shares AMD’s findings from recent consumer market research and how it can help influence your approach to customers.

AMD Pro Desktop Processors

The PRO Family of Desktop Processors from AMD

Learn about the new products in the PRO family of AMD processors and how the performance and commercial-grade features help business customers stay productive, manageable and secure.

AMD Radeon™ Graphics Card Product Family

Radeon™ Graphics Card Product Family

Join us as Bryan Kong, AMD’s Product Marketing Engineer, gives us a closer look at the AMD Radeon™ Graphics line-up.

AMD Holiday Buying Guide

AMD Holiday Buying Guide

Help your customers find the perfect gifts for everyone on their list as our AMD Experts discuss some of their favorite Holiday 2018 notebooks and desktops!


AMD EPYC™ Processors

Learn how AMD EPYC™ processors deliver solutions for your customers to target the heart of the market and provide security features in the process.


Fact or Fiction? The Truth About AMD

Join us as our Product Experts discuss three common misperceptions of AMD and provide FACTS to help you address them.


The new AMD Radeon™ Pro WX 8200 Graphics Card

Please join Warren Eng, Product and Content Marketing Manager for Professional Graphics, as he walks you through the WX 8200, its features, and performance.

155053-AMD-Athlon-Processors-with Radeon-Vega-Graphics-1260x709

AMD Athlon™ Processors with Radeon™ Vega

Join us as Don Woligroski, AMD’s Desktop Processor Product Marketing Manager, gives us a closer look at the newest product in the new AMD Athlon™ with Radeon™ Vega Graphics Processor.


Which AMD Mobile Processor Is Right For You?

Our Sr. Product Marketing Expert, Gilbert Leung, provides an overview of AMD mobile processors and explains the key differences between them.


2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ Processor

Join Don Woligroski introduces the world’s first 32-core desktop processor. With up to 64 threads of processing power your creativity is limited only by your imagination.


AMD StoreMI Technology

Join us as Product Marketing Manager, Adam Kozak, discusses AMD’s fast and easy-to-manage storage solution, StoreMI Technology, and how it differs from competing solutions.

Ryzen Pro campaign MTE

Why Ryzen™ PRO for your customers?

Ryzen™ PRO Processors are perfect for the Enterprise PC environment. In this webinar, we will discuss the product lines and specifications.


AMD Products in Esports

Join Andy Thompson, AMD’s Global Marketing Manager, as he takes you through AMD’s work with esports teams. 

AMD Processors are right for you

Which AMD Processor Is Right For You?

Our Product Marketing Expert provides a detailed overview of AMD processors, from the A-Series to Ryzen™ Threadripper™, and explains the key differences between them.


This is EPYC™

Join us as Jerry Gadbois, AMD’s Worldwide Server Channel Manager, gives us a closer look at the AMD EPYC™ Processor line-up. 

AMD Sense MI Technology

What is AMD SenseMI Technology?

Robert Hallock, AMD’s Technical Product Marketing Manager, explains what AMD’s SenseMI technology is and how it customizes AMD Ryzen™ processor performance to you and your applications.


X470 Motherboard Partner Showcase

Our ODM Partners ASRock, ASUS, Biostar, GIGABYTE, and MSI provide an in-depth look at the X470 motherboards built to support the new 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Desktop Processor.

RYZEN 2nd Gen Campaign Creative

2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Desktop Processor

Don Woligroski, AMD’s Product Marketing manager, shows us how the 2nd Generation AMD Ryzen™ desktop processors provide faster, smoother computing experiences than previously thought possible.


Can You Build an AMD Gaming System on a Budget?

Don Woligroski, AMD’s Product Marketing Manager, shows us it’s possible to build powerful gaming systems with AMD Ryzen™ processors with Radeon™ Vega graphics at a great price.

Ryzen + Radeon Vega Graphics

AMD Ryzen™ Processors with Radeon™ Vega Graphics

Join us as Don Woligroski, AMD’s Product Marketing Manager, gives us a closer look at the newest product in the AMD Ryzen™ Processor line-up. 

Radeon RX abstracted image

Custom Graphics: Going Beyond Radeon™

Learn about how our AIB partners apply intelligent design to create custom Radeon™ config cards, which go beyond the reference platforms, to deliver stunning performance and beautiful hardware.

MTE December 17 Taking Radeon™ Graphics from Great to Greatness

Radeon™ Graphics: From Great to Greatness

Sasa Marinkovic, Dir. of Software Marketing, provides insight into Radeon™ Software’s powerful performance and incredible features enabling high-performance gaming and engaging VR experiences. 

MTE AMD's Featured CPU Product

AMD's Featured CPU Product Offerings

Don Woligroski, AMD’s Product Manager, provides a look at AMD CPU product offerings. Don will review features, performance, benefits, and use cases. 

October 2017 Meet the Experts

The DIYers – What Matters to Them

Learn about what matters to the DIYers during the purchase process, what they do with their PC, and where they seek information.

Monitor with Graph busting out

Know Your Customer - DIY Segment Research

Learn about what matters to the DIYers during the purchase process, what they do with their PC, and where they seek information.

August Meet the Experts

Building Systems with AMD Ryzen™ Processors

In this webinar, Don Woligroski, AMD Product Marketing Manager, shares suggestions that will help you meet the needs of your customers.

MTE X399 Motherboard

X399 Motherboard Showcase

Our partners Asus®, Gigabyte™, MSI®, and ASRock® provide an in-depth look into the X399 motherboards built to support the new AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ Processors.

Glowing Laptop

Ryzen™ Threadripper™ and the Prosumer Market

Learn how we address these needs with Ryzen™ 7 and Ryzen™ Threadripper™ processors.

AMD Ryzen

AM4 Motherboards (Pt. 2)

Learn more about the enablement plans and details for the Ryzen™ launch. Our partners ASRock® & BioStar® conclude our deep-dive into the AM4 motherboard support.

Ryzen™ 3 for Technology

AM4 Motherboards (Pt. 1)

Our partners, Asus®, Gigabyte™, and MSI®, provide an in-depth look at the AM4 motherboards that support AMD Ryzen™ processors.