Meet the Experts, AMD's partner webinar series, covers everything from consumer laptops and gaming desktops to commercial products such as professional graphics and the datacenter. They are packed with information about new products, partner showcases, industry insights, and much more to help empower you to be an expert as you sell and market AMD products to your customers.

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Get the Latest Insights from IDC and AMD

Join us as International Data Corporation VP of Research, Linn Huang, shares recent findings and insights that may inform you and your customers about the device and display market for PCs, thin clients, and monitors.

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Watch previously recorded Meet The Experts webinars where AMD experts discuss the latest products, technology updates, and industry insights.


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How AMD is Helping Partners Address Cybersecurity

Join AMD Expert, Akash Malhotra, as he takes a deep look into AMD Guard MI Technology and gain a greater understanding of how it helps address today’s cybersecurity challenges.

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AMD Radeon FreeSync™ Technology is Everywhere

AMD Radeon FreeSync™ technology puts an end to choppy gameplay with fluid, artifact-free performance at virtually any framerate. Behold the next breakthrough in PC gaming performance, your customers will thank you.

AMD EPYC™ Solutions in the Cloud

AMD EPYC™ Solutions in the Cloud

Please join AMD Expert, Terry Myers, AMD product manager, as he discusses the benefits of cloud computing, how AMD EPYCTM processors are optimized to power the cloud, and the cloud service providers we have partnerships with. 

ASUS TUF laptop

Supercharge Your Game Play with AMD and ASUS TUF

ASUS TUF gaming notebooks powered by AMD Ryzen™ processors & AMD Radeon™ graphics cards are designed for a new generation of gaming customer. Join AMD & ASUS as we give an in depth look at the new TUF series. 

Google Chromebook with AMD A Series

Create and Play with AMD Powered Chromebooks

Join us as AMD Expert, Renato Fragale, explains how your customers can have a fast and responsive Chromebook experience powered by AMD A-Series APUs.

Meet The Experts: How to Evolve the IT Discussion with your Customer

How to Evolve the IT Discussion with your Customer

Join AMD Experts, Chuck Schalm and John Hampton, as they discuss how to evolve your IT discussions with SMB customers.

AMD Radeon Graphics for Consumer PCs

Bring your A Game with AMD Radeon™ Graphics

Join us as we discuss systems powered by AMD Radeon™ Graphics and how they can help you and your customers bring their A game in 2019. 

Radeon 7

Get the Most from AMD Radeon™ Graphics

Come Learn about new features of the AMD Radeon™ Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition which is designed to unleash the power, capability and immersion built into every AMD Radeon™ Graphics card.

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Smart Features AMD Products Provide

Join us as Robert Hallock, AMD’s Technical Marketing Manager, gives us a closer look at the AMD and the smart features our products implement.

What Influences an IT Buyer’s Decision Making

What Influences an IT Buyer’s Decision Making?

Join Georgeanna Liu, AMD Sr. Market Research Manager, as she shares information about what IT decision makers consider when investing in new servers for their datacenter. 

A New Year Powered by AMD Ryzen Mobile Processors

Join us as we discuss the latest technology features and how AMD Ryzen™ Mobile Processors can help you and your customers succeed in the New Year.

2018: A Year of Innovation & Success for AMD

2018: A Year of Innovation & Success for AMD

As 2018 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on everything accomplished. Join us as AMD’s CMO, John Taylor, and AMD’s Global VP of Marketing, Ron Myers, celebrate our joint accomplishments and hint at what’s to come.