​The vision of Ryzen was to redefine the processor landscape and make bold leaps forward with what consumers could do with their systems. The AMD Ryzen™ 5 processor is the next step in that vision.

While AMD Ryzen™ 7 aims to bring the highest possible performance to prosumers, PC enthusiasts and high-end workstations, the Ryzen 5 processor targets AAA gamers and streamers, as well as performance workstations and desktops. Ryzen 5 brings a wealth of unique and powerful features that allow customers to unleash their potential and creativity by combining power, performance, design and efficiency into one complete package, ideal for those consumers looking to play games and stream at the highest level, or work without limits. 

Ryzen 5: High Performance for Smoother Experiences

Ryzen 5 offers exceptional performance to gamers and workstation users, featuring AMD’s SenseMI technology, a set of learning and adapting features that help the AMD Ryzen™ processor customize its performance to you and your applications. This enables you to enjoy indie titles or AAA titles, heavy CAD/Video design and other high CPU-demand applications.

Like Ryzen 7, Ryzen 5 has been designed with the future in mind, looking to meet the demands of tomorrow as well as today. High-bandwidth DDR4 memory, modern IO and software tools help you get the most out of your system and game at the highest levels. By combining AMD’s advancement in processor technologies and ground-breaking true machine intelligence, AMD has developed hardware that enables consumers to enjoy a system that’s competitively priced and exceptional in terms of pure performance and freedom.

​Ryzen 5: For When Your Customers Want to Compete Like the Pros 

Ryzen 5 targets a slightly more power- and price-conscious user in comparison to Ryzen 7, and particularly the consumer who simply wants a strong processor to enjoy gaming and entertainment. While the Ryzen stack is always competitively priced, many consumers simply don’t need the highest performance available and the additional costs associated with it. This is where Ryzen 5 is ideally positioned.

Make no mistake, the Ryzen 5 processor is a gamer’s dream. Offering disruptive price-to-performance and the some of the latest connection technologies, gamers can enjoy ultra-responsive and lag-free gaming experiences. As AAA titles become increasingly demanding on resources and ever-more immersive, gamers expect technology to support that demand.

Ryzen 5 meets those needs. With up to 6 cores and 16MB Cache (the most cache memory in its class),1 consumers will enjoy exceptional performance whether they’re gaming, streaming or working. Ryzen 5 features all the latest technologies that the Ryzen architecture brings, enabling smooth and fast performance in whatever task or game the consumer is using.

​Ryzen: The Future of Processors​

The release of Ryzen has been an incredible experience, and AMD plans to continue delivering exciting and future-driven technologies to its partners and consumers. Ryzen 5 is the next step in this vision of a bold and empowering digital world. With AMD’s latest and greatest technologies and a strong ecosystem, AMD’s Ryzen processors look to put unbridled creativity, performance and possibility into the hands of consumers.

AMD is excited to see how consumers will use Ryzen 5, and the unlimited creativity it will allow them to experience. Here’s to the gamers and the creators of tomorrow. 


​1. AMD Ryzen 5 processors (MSRP below $300) feature up to 16MB L3 cache memory than Intel Core i5 processors (under $300 on Newegg.com as of Jan. 27/2017) which have up to 8 MB of cache memory.