​​Ryzen™​​​ has been an incredibly successful launch for AMD, and consumers are delighted with the performance offered by Ryzen processors. With many CPU technology advancements, Ryzen offers unparalleled performance in a multitude of tasks.

Ryzen™ 5 and Ryzen™ 7 processors target different consumer markets, but both offer incredible power when gaming, creating multimedia content, and workstation tasks (applications such as photo editing, CAD programs, etc.). As customers demand more from their systems, they search for a processor that offers them the freedom to perform various tasks, often at the same time.

Ryzen: The Next Level of Processing

Targeting smooth gaming ​is an essential factor for a high-performance CPU. Ryzen performs consistently across graphic-intensive titles such as Ashes of the Singularity™, a popular real-time strategy title. Accounting for consistent optimizations and improvements, Ashes of the Singularity on a Ryzen 7 1800X at 1080p now runs on average 30% faster than in previous tests AMD conducted.​

DOTA 2, one of the most played esports titles on the PC, also saw great performance increases at 1080p. The Ryzen 7 1800X averaged an increase of 12 frames per second in minimum frame rates.

As PC World stated: "If you're skeptical whether 'optimizations' can truly improve gaming performance on the disruptive new Ryzen CPU, AMD has a message for you: They really can."

The objective for Ryzen in gaming was to achieve consistent and strong overall performance in gaming at 1080p and beyond. The feedback AMD has received from both critics and consumers has been overwhelmingly positive.

LegitReviews provides this bottom line: "If gaming is the main reason you are looking at building a new system, the AMD Ryzen 7 1700X stands up to the Intel i7-7700K in nearly every game we tested. This shows that either processor will work great in a gaming system. The AMD Ryzen 7 1700X though, has the added bonus of the extra cores/threads allowing you to do more multitasking while gaming, especially when it comes to doing things that can take advantage of the extra cores and threads."

And PCGamesN have called Ryzen 5 1600X "the most significant gaming CPU AMD have ever made".

Ryzen isn't solely focused on gaming, however. With 8 core, 16 thread processors like the Ryzen 1700X, consumers are given the power to game at HD resolutions and above. It is able to achieve this while encoding, streaming and driving other CPU-intensive tasks.

Ryzen performs incredibly well in terms of performance for price, especially when considering the sheer number of cores and threads.

With innovative Ryzen CPU technologies such as the Neural Net Prediction, Precision Boost, unlocked multipliers and more, it is a clear and definitive choice for the contemporary consumers looking for a CPU.

The Release of Ryzen Was Just the Beginning

The successful release of Ryzen was just the start. Since launch, AMD has been working tirelessly to improve and enhance CPU performance for consumers, both in and out of gaming.

For example, a Ryzen Balanced Power Plan has been developed since the launch of Ryzen and is now available in our chipset drivers.  The new power plan allows the Windows® 10 default balanced plan to permit power management and deliver performance on par with the High Performance plan.

The goal is to continue working on the performance delivered to consumers by Ryzen, building upon strong architecture and innovative technologies. It will thus enable customers to extract every ounce of power from their systems. As time goes on, consumers should expect to see Ryzen offer even more performance.

Why Ryzen Should Be Your First Offer To Customers

There's a reason Ryzen is resonating so well with consumers and critics. The product has been created around consumer demands for how a CPU should perform, and what consumers need from their systems. Ryzen delivers and enables high-performance use no matter the task.

It's also important to understand that for many high-end enthusiasts, gaming is just one of many applications they run concurrently. Streamers and video creators often run other performance-impacting software such as Twitch, OBS and other recording applications. With Ryzen's 8 core offerings and high IPC, gamers can play and stream comfortably without negatively impacting their gaming experience. Content creators that rely on strong hardware to power their video encoding, encrypting, Adobe Premiere Pro and other creative software, will find Ryzen more than capable.

Positive press response reinforces this, and drives high consumer demand. With a varying range of cores, clock speeds and price points, Ryzen is ideally positioned to deliver excellent satisfaction to your customers at competitive price points that they'll love. Ensure Ryzen is your customer'​​s first choice for their high-performance CPU needs.​