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AMD Releases Updated ProRender 2.2 Plugin For 3ds Max – We Test 13 GPU Configurations

"AMD said that it made some performance improvements in the latest version of the 3ds Max plugin, and these results prove that [AMD] wasn’t kidding. Overall, there is a 10-15% improvement in performance with the latest version for mid-range and low-end cards."

AMD’s second-generation Ryzen desktop CPUs hit the market starting at $199

"While Intel boasts about bringing six-core processors to the mainstream audience, AMD already has you covered with eight-core chips for a low price."

AMD Ryzen 5 2400G Review: The Best Blend of CPU and GPU Performance We’ve Ever Seen

"In aggregate, it’s the finest APU AMD has ever built, and a great kick-off for 2018.”

Meet Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition: AMD Link mobile app, Radeon Overlay, and more

"This update polishes the already-gleaming core of Radeon Settings and puts more control and information into the hands of gamers, without even the need to exit your game. Between Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition and the Red Team’s rapid-fire driver releases in recent years, AMD’s software missteps of the past are firmly in the grave. This is good stuff."

AMD EPYC Powered HPE Server Breaks Two World Records In SPEC CPU Performance Benchmark

"AMD is making waves with its brand new “EPYC” enterprise chips which debuted earlier this year. Enterprise giants including Dell & HP, have been running AMD’s new chips through their paces and are on track to roll out new servers powered by the company’s EPYC processors before year’s end and into Q1 of next year."