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AMD Radeon VII Review and Benchmarks

“I'd say AMD's claim that matching the RTX 2080 is mostly true...It's also a very solid upgrade from the original Vega, so if you're Red Team for life and have been saving your pennies, it's a no brainer.” - ING

Radeon RX 570 vs. GeForce GTX 1050 Ti: What's the Best $150 GPU Right Now?

“On average the Radeon RX 570 was an astounding 43% faster…Clearly where AMD has not been able to deliver on the high-end, they are making up on budget and mainstream GPU solutions priced below $300.” - TechSpot

Best PC components of CES 2019: the most impressive CPUs, GPUs and more

“It’s been annoying...waiting for AMD to finally announce a new high-end graphics card and boy the wait was worth it. [Radeon VII] is an over the top graphics card…[that] will not only be able to trample its way through 4K gaming, but [run 6K and 8K experiences as well].” - TechRadar

AMD dives deep into mobile and Chromebooks with new Ryzen, Athlon, and A-Series processors

“And starting in Q1 2019, AMD plans to provide regular Radeon Software Adrenalin updates for all Ryzen Processors with Radeon Vega graphics via, enabling frequent support for new games, new features, improved performance, and more robust stability.” - VentureBeat

AMD’s new 12nm Ryzen laptop chips look to put the pressure on Intel

“At CES 2019, AMD unveiled its second generation of Ryzen laptop chips, which look to jump ahead of Intel’s 14nm roadblock to offer some of the first 12nm processors on the market. ...The new chips should start to appear in laptops over the coming months, and if AMD can keep this sort of momentum going across its product lineup as 2019 continues, it may shape up to be a very interesting year in the processor space.” - The Verge

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