​​​​AMD Ryzen™ processors have been a long time coming. Both AMD technology partners and consumers alike have been waiting for the release of the new AMD high-performance desktop CPU. AMD has built a CPU from the ground up that achieves a superb balance of power, performance, and efficiency that users expect from their systems.  

With base clock speeds of 3.4GHz+ in the premium 8-core, 16-thread processor combined with incredible IPC improvements, AMD is offering a CPU that can provide gamers, enthusiasts, and prosumers the ability to handle just about anything. AMD Ryzen™ processors

Built on the new AM4 socket w​​ith support for DDR4 memory, AMD is also thinking about power consumption, targeting 95W TDP. Thatmeans more performance, per watt, and a leap in energy efficiency. AMD has targeted performance improvements in the past with previous generation processors, but nothing like what they are targeting with the 40% improvement in instructions per clock cycle with AMD Ryzen. 

The AMD Ryzen™ Ecosystem Is Here 

Launches can be tricky, especially when a brand new product hits the scene. AMD has built an incredible CPU and has enabled a wide array of motherboard and cooler OEMs that have created AMD Ryzen compatible products from which customers can choose. AMD Ryzen is a game-changer. At CES this year​, AMD showed off 16 high-performance AM4 motherboards from five manufacturers.  In addition, AMD showcased “extreme performance” PC designs from 17 top system integrators from around the world, as well as compatible innovative third-party CPU cooler designs. From the motherboards to coolers, this certainly demonstrates a ready and robust ecosystem for AMD Ryzen CPUs.

The ecosystem is ready. When AMD Ryzen desktop processors officially launches, our technology partners will have everything needed to sell complete AMD system solutions to customers. No waiting for motherboards to be developed, or coolers to be created. It’s here, right now, and ready to take the world by storm.

The message is clear: AMD and its technology partners are ready, and media feedback indicates the market is ready for AMD Ryzen processors as well – are you? 


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