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AMD Radeon Settings provides video profiles that can be selected depending on the type of video content being viewed. 

This document describes the difference between the various profiles available and instructions on how to access them:

How to access the video profile option within Radeon Settings

To access the Video Profiles options within Radeon Settings:

  1. Open the Radeon Settings Application. This can be done in any of the following ways:


  • Right click on your desktop and select AMD Radeon Settings
  • Click on the Radeon Settings icon in the System Tray
  • Select  AMD Radeon Settings  from the Programs menu
  1. Click on the Video menu option

  2. The Video page opens and provides quick access to various profiles listed


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Available video profiles within Radeon Settings

The video profiles available are:

  • Default – Uses driver's default video settings.
  • Cinema Classic – For viewing movies in home theatres and dim environments.
  • Enhanced – For general viewing and boosting overall picture quality.
  • Home Video – For viewing home recordings. Engages Steady Video to reduce camera shake in the video.
  • Outdoor – For viewing videos in bright environments.
  • Sports – For viewing fast-motion videos.
  • Vivid – Provides the highest level of picture quality.
  • Custom – Allows the user to adjust settings as required.  When selected, additional options which can be adjusted are made available.  These options include:
    • Custom Sharpening – Choose between 3 levels of sharpening or turn sharpening off.
    • Custom Color Vibrance – Choose between 3 levels of vibrance or turn color vibrance off. 
    • AMD Steady Video If turned on, the driver attempts to reduce camera shake.
    • Custom Brightness This slider is used to adjust the brightness of the video image.

Each of the video profiles above is a set of video filters with predefined values including:

  • Contrast - Enhances the difference between the dark and bright components of the video.
  • Denoising - Removes visual artifacts (noise) from video signals.
  • Deinterlacing - Creates a sharp image from two video fields of interlaced video
  • Edge Enhancement - Controls the overall sharpness of images.
  • Mosquito noise control - Reduces the look of blotchy edges in video that has been overly compressed.
  • Steady Video – Virtually eliminates camera shake in real-time.

To view the effect of the video profiles described above, enable Demo Mode.

With Demo Mode on, the video playback screen will be split down the middle by a red line.  In the image below, the frame on the left displays the original video image, and on the right shows the video with the Enhanced profile applied.

Note!Radeon Settings also provides quick access to video profiles. To access Video Profiles directly:

  1. Right click on the Radeon Settings Icon in the System Tray
  2. Select the Video Profile menu and choose the desired video profile


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