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This article provides recommendations meant to help get the system operating effectively by resolving issues that may have occurred during installation of the AMD Catalyst™ Control Center within a Windows based system

Issue Description:
During installation of the AMD Catalyst Control Center:

  • The system hangs or freezes requiring the system to be rebooted in order to recover
  • The driver package seems to have extracted correctly, but after clicking on the "install" button the installation exits to the desktop. AMD Catalyst Control Center does not show to be installed on the system

Technical Details:
The system has a version of the Microsoft Visual Studio® 2005 edition installed and any program which attempts to update the Mfc80.dll or Mfc80u.dll file may cause the application to crash. This happens because the updated DLL version and the existing version are incompatible. For example, when installing the AMD Catalyst software suite the application may crash since it is installing an updated Visual® C++ patch which contains the updated DLL file.

If the system has Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 installed, follow the steps below in order to successfully install the AMD Catalyst software:

  1. Install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 redistributable patch

    To obtain the patch and / or additional information on the patch, refer to article 961894 on Microsoft's support site

  2. Perform a clean install of the AMD Catalyst software suite
  3. Download the latest drivers for the graphics card from AMD’s Graphics Drivers & Software page. 

    Note! Before getting started, ensure that you know the model of your graphics card. It will come in handy for several steps in the process. Refer to Article GPU-55 for information on how to identify your graphics card

  4. Remove any pre-existing drivers / software for the graphics card. Refer to CCC-Uninstall for detailed instructions on how to uninstall old drivers
  5. Install the latest drivers for the graphics card. For detailed instructions on how to install the latest graphics drivers for a Windows® based system , refer to CCC-Install.