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This article provides information about Error 182 when using the AMD Installer to install graphics drivers.

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Possible Cause

The AMD Radeon Software Package contains generic drivers that supports a wide range of AMD graphics products.  A possible reason why the AMD Installer had failed to identify your graphics hardware and cannot continue installation is because it belongs in one of these unsupported product groups:

  • AMD Embedded graphics
  • Legacy AMD graphics
  • Customized AMD graphics for an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) system
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If you know the model of your AMD graphics hardware, please try using the AMD Driver Selector to locate and download the appropriate driver. 

NOTE!  If you have one of the APUs listed below and are running Windows® 10, graphics driver support is only available directly from Microsoft® via Windows Update.  Please run Windows Update and allow it to detect, download and install the appropriate driver for your APU.  For information on how to use Windows Update please refer to Microsoft article: Windows Update: FAQ

  • AMD A4/A6/A8-3000 Series APUs
  • AMD E2-3200 APU
  • AMD E2-3000M APU
  • AMD E2-2000 APU
  • AMD E1/E2-1000 Series APUs
  • AMD E-200/300/400 Series APUs
  • AMD C-Series APUs
  • AMD Z-Series APUs

If you do not know the model of your AMD graphics hardware, please refer KB article: How-To Identify the Manufacturer and Model of an AMD Graphics Card before using the AMD Driver Selector.

For customized AMD graphics, we recommend obtaining the latest driver from the OEM System Builder or Partner Manufacturer.  For a list of OEMs and Partner Manufacturers, please see AMD Partners: Add-in-Board, Original Equipment & System Builder Configurations

If you are still unable to resolve Error 182 after completing the steps outlined above and need further assistance, please contact AMD Customer Care and attach the AMD Installer log file to your service request.  The AMD Installer log file is located in C:\Program Files\AMD\CIM\Log\Installer.log​


IMPORTANT! Follow the steps below when raising a service request for this issue:

  1. To raise an e-ticket, visit:
  2. Enter "Error 182" (without quotes) in the Subject field
  3. Provide as much detail as possible about your issue in the Description field
  4. Attach the AMD Installer log file to the service request and click Submit



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