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Earlier this year, AMD disclosed mitigations related to potential security vulnerabilities for AMD firmware Trusted Platform Module (fTPM) versions v.96, v1.22, and v1.37. AMD believes the fTPM vulnerabilities only apply to some of its client processors as fTPM is not enabled on AMD server, graphics and embedded. AMD has delivered a patch to PC manufacturers to address the issue.

Microsoft Windows users can verify their fTPM version and find instructions to clear the TPM at:

AMD has recommended that PC manufacturers qualify and release an updated BIOS integrating the fTPM patch, as appropriate, into production at the next available opportunity and provide guidance to end users to apply fixes as defined based on the product. For fTPM v1.37, AMD has notified PC manufacturers that they should consider updating the system BIOS ahead of clearing the fTPM to help protect generated platform-level keys.

AMD recommends users contact their PC manufacturer for platform-specific instructions as a part of following best security practices to keep devices up-to-date with the latest patches.