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Convenience and Control for small businesses

An ideal solution for small and mid-sized businesses without implemented management tools or dedicated IT. It’s a one-stop utility for intuitive system configuration


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Features Include:

  • Energy Saver: Quickly and easily schedule system start up and shutdown times
  • PC Health Center: Schedule drive defragmentation, system backup and restore and manage system updates
  • USB Blocker: Protect your sensitive information by limiting USB storage device options
  • AMD Quick Stream PRO: Manage internet bandwidth by application and prioritize mission critical applications for maximum system resources
  • AMD RAID Xpert 2: Protect your digital assets and improve performance with RAID Xpert 2 management
  • Wi-Fi Display: Stop searching for dongles and go wireless with AMD Wireless Display technology


AMD Product Compatibility

The PRO Control Center works with the following AMD model numbers:



AMD PRO A12-8800B

AMD PRO A10-8700B

AMD PRO A8-8600B

AMD PRO A6-8500B

AMD FX-8800P

AMD A10-8700P

AMD A8-8600P

AMD A8-7410

AMD A6-8500P

AMD A6-7310

AMD A4-7210

AMD E2-7110

AMD E1-7010





AMD PRO A10-8850B

AMD PRO A10-8750B

AMD PRO A8-8650B

AMD PRO A6-8550B

AMD PRO A4-8350B

AMD A10-8750

AMD A10-7890K

AMD A10-7870K

AMD A10-7860K

AMD A8-8650

AMD A8-7670K

AMD A6-8550





Download AMD Pro Control Center