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AMD FirePro™ professional graphics cards are designed to accelerate 3D and Server workstation applications. With certification on certain leading computer aided design (CAD), media and entertainment (M&E) and architecture/engineering/construction (AEC) applications, AMD FirePro is the high performance choice for graphics professionals. These release notes provide information on the AMD FirePro Unified Driver version 15.302.2301 and are for Linux only.

AMD FirePro Professional Graphics Technologies

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Fixed Issues

  • ​​Sharing a texture amongst CL-GL may cause a deadlock in GL runtime. [59167]
  • Slow system performance may be observed when waking up from sleep after running a stressful 3D application. [83714]
  • When Xinerama is enabled on versions 1.15+ of X, OpenGL applications may show an empty window on the second GPU in a dual GPU configuration. [84583]
  • Intermittent application crash when running Maya. [89866]
  • Tessellation control may report an invalid error. [96742]
  • Maya 2017 has been observed to stop responding while rendering certain models. [96744]

Known Issues

  • ​​Corruption may be observed while running the "" file. [97813]
  • The mouse pointer may intermittently get corrupted while zooming in and out. [48486]

Product Compatibility
AMD FirePro Unified Driver-15.302.2301 is compatible with the following Workstation Graphics products.
AMD FirePro Product Family Compatibility

AMD FirePro W-Series​ ​AMD FirePro S-Series
AMD Radeon Sky-Series ​AMD FirePro R5000

Compatible Operating Systems
AMD FirePro Unified Driver-15.302.2301 is designed to support RHEL 7.0, RHEL 6.5, Ubuntu 12.04.4, and Ubuntu 14.04 Linux distributions.​

OpenCL Compatibility

Details on OpenCL API support and conformance with AMD FirePro professional graphics products can be found at: